"The board can set up committees to take care of special tasks. The initiatives of a committee must be presented to and adopted by the board to be binding. Committees must cooperate with the board." (§14)

These are the existing commitees and working bodies for the time being... (02.05.2005):

ACC Latvia Committee

ACC Latvia Committee consists of the ACC Tautskolas Eiropai + Linda Jakobsone (board representative). The committee is in charge of many different projects. Among them the Campaigning for Community Colleges. Contact to the ACC Latvia Committee is Inese Ardone.

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ACC Transylvania Committee

In charge of the Transylvania Community College 2001, Transylvania Community College 2003, the Bridging Community Colleges and the ACCENT No.2 is the ACC Transylvania Commitee. The Committee is mainly run by Ágota Illyčs and Barna Kovŕcs.

ACC Italy Committee

In charge of the Europe of Rights Community College is the ACC Italy Committee. Eva Valvo from the Board together with Marzia Pistolesi, Peter Ciaccio and Silvia Cardi are the members of the Committee.

Contact ACC Italy Committee.

ACC Caucasus Committee

The ACC Caucasus Committee consists of Nana Saginashvili, Nadir Kamaladdinov and John Petersen from the board. The ACC Caucasus is responsible for the Caucasus Community College.

ACC Frisia Committee

The ACC Frisia Committee aims at cooperating with the Fryske Folkshegeskoalle in Terschellingen, Netherlands. The ACC Frisia Committee consists of Siebren de Boer and John Petersen and is waiting for an occasion to release the project Frisia Community College / The Frisian Node

Contact ACC Frisia Committee

ACC Cornwall Wales Committee

The ACC Cornwall/Wales committee is lead by Rhisiart Talebot. The responsibility of the committee is to work for the Cornwall Community College. Board representative is John Petersen.

ACC Hungary Committee

The ACC Hungary committee is lead by Barna Kovacs, Marta Szilagyi and Laszlo Dani. The responsibility of the committee is to cooperate on the TCC projects. Board representative is Laszlo Dani.

Contact ACC Hungary Committee.

ACC Macedonia Committee

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ACC Malta Committee

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ACC Lower Saxony Committee


ACC Statutes Committee

Creating the Statutes of the First European Community College. The Committee consists of Alvaro Martinez Barrio (Madrid), Bart Woord (Schiedam), Daniel Scurtu (Sibiu), Jan-Christoph Napierski (board-representative, Aarhus), Silvia Piccini (San Donato Milanese), Tomas Balco (Brno) and Tregarran Percival (Cornwall).

ACC Goodwill Committee

The ACC Goodwill Committee aims is in charge of the Challenges of Enlargement Community College. The Committee consists of Dasa Bolcina (board representative), Maja Mezgec, Tina Teraz and Suzana Maric.

Contact ACC Goodwill Committee

ACC ERCC Committee

The ACC ERCC Committee is in charge of editing the ACCENT No.1. The name stems from the Europe of Rights Community College, that was the context of forming the Committee. Eva Valvo from the Board together with an editorial board from all over Europe forms the Committee.

ACC ERCC Committee.

ACC Portugal Committee*

The ACC Portugal Committee consists of Rosa Silva, Rita Cruz and more members from Portugal with Eva Valvo as the contact to the board. The Committee is responsible for the Portugal Community College.

ACC Hellenic Committee

The ACC Hellenic Committee consists of Nancy Lagouretou, Andreas Chatzipantelis, Dimitra Chrysikopoulou, John Petersen (board) and the initiator and leader Maria Bakari. This committee is responsible for the Demos Community College.

ACCENT03 Committee*

The ACCENT03 Committee will consist of Mjellma Mehmeti as a board contact and Naomi Woltring as a main working force.

ACC Black Sea Committee*

The ACC Black Sea Committee is an initiative lead by Nataliya Nikolova. The Committee is working on the Black Sea Community College.

ACC Berlin Committee

The Representations Community College is taking place in Hannover in August 2005. It is carried out by the ACC Berlin Committee lead by Anna Littke and Erik Jentges (board representative) together with Allan Siao Ming Witherick, Emma Yeoman (board representative) and Marzia Pistolesi.

Contact ACC Berlin Committee.

ACC Regions Committee

The ACC Regions Committee consists of Perrine Martin, Emilie Champliaud, Malene Jepsen and Elisabeth Alber (board). This committee is responsible for the Regions Community College.

ACC Copenhagen Committee

The ACC Copenhagen Committee is lead by Lars Rasmussen. The Committee is responsible for the Gender & Sexuality European Community College (GSECC).