Campaigning for Community Colleges @ Rites Tautas Augstskola 2000

Campaigning for Community Colleges

Brief description

The Campaign for Community Colleges / Working Camp at Rite was carried out in one week in August 2000 in Latgale, Latvia. 30 young Europeans took part in the project, which had two aims. A very close and concrete aim was to help repairing the Rites Tautas Augstskola, while the more abstract aim was to work on a campaign for Community Colleges throughout Europe.


Another result of the camp was the construction of the Rites Tautas Augstskolas Website. Find it at
Campaigning for Community Colleges.
Annual 2000 of the ACC.

By the ACC International Programme Office

ISBN 87-91372-00-3
EAN 978-87-91372-00-1
Annual Report 2000 of the ACC
Report of the Campaign for Community Colleges project and the year 1999 and 2000 of the ACC.

From the foreword: "Our association is only a piece in a huge puzzle in which more and more people will realize that common debate and knowledge of each other in a still more integrated Europe is a simple necessity." (John Petersen, chairman ACC)

ACC Latvia Committee

ACC Latvia Committee consists of the ACC Tautskolas Eiropai + Linda Jakobsone (board representative). The committee is in charge of many different projects. Among them the Campaigning for Community Colleges. Contact to the ACC Latvia Committee is Inese Ardone.

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