Transylvania Community College 2001 @ Odorheiu/Udvarhely

Transylvania Community College I

Brief description

From June 24th to July 8th, 2001, the ACC carried through a two-week community college for 50 young Europeans, engaged in NGO’s relevant for the topics of the event.

The aim of the CC was in accordance with the general aims of the ACC to stimulate a common European debate on questions and political problems shared by the Europeans.

The Transylvanian community college dealt with the future perspectives of the Central-Eastern-European minorities in the context of the EU-Enlargement. The event developed for Transylvania is going to be a showcase of the general strategy of the ACC, creating more Community Colleges for an Open Europe.

The Transylvania CC is expected to be followed up in the years to come.


The Transylvania Community College 2001 is documented by the help of a video production, a CD-compilation (the presentations, photos and media-coverage produced) and an issue of the Journal of World Education.

Transylvania Community College 2001.
Journal of World Education, vol.31, no.3.

Editors: Ágota Illyčs, Barna Kovács and the ACC.

Journal of World Education
Report from the Transylvania Community College 2001.

From the foreword: "...the concepts of lifelong learning and non-formal education offer an up-to-date context in which answers to present dilemmas can be found.... there is an urgent need of establishing a permanent common European dialogue and community colleges offer a traditionally effective framework for achieving this aim." (Ágota Illyčs & Barna Kovács, organisers of TCC).

You can check the contents here

Transylvania Community College 2001.
Ideas and impressions.

By the ACC Transylvania Committee
TCC Video
Video Report of the Transylvania Community College 2001

From the back cover: "A Course created by young Europeans for young Europeans with the aim of showing participants of 25 different countries the multicultural reality of Transylvania"

Europeans Shape Your Future
Transylvania Community College 2001

By the ACC Transylvania Committee
CD Report of the Transylvania Community College 2001.
The concept of learning and living together resulted in participants discovering new points of view and in having a lot of fun together. See the photos, the press clippings, the TV coverage and hear the radio interviews etc.

ACC Transylvania Committee

In charge of the Transylvania Community College 2001, Transylvania Community College 2003, the Bridging Community Colleges and the ACCENT No.2 is the ACC Transylvania Commitee. The Committee is mainly run by Ágota Illyčs and Barna Kovŕcs.