The ACC International Programme Office

From 2000-2006 the ACC had office facilities at more adresses in Denmark:

In 2000 at Snoghøj Folkehøjskole.
From 2001-2003 at Højskolen Østersøen.
From 2003-2006 in Falstersgade, Aarhus.

The work carried out in the office was of administrative kind and related to the grants and funding that we receive through European programmes and grants, and as well some co-funding that ACC receives from donors in more countries.

Several persons were working in the office:

Perrine MartinPerrine Martin was a volunteer in the ACC International Programme Office in winter 2004-2005 . As participant in a number of ACC-events, we consider Perrine a European co-citizen.
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Naomi WoltringNaomi Woltring, volunteer in 2002-2003
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Hristina Jensen Hristina Raycheva was volunteer in the ACC office in 2003. As participant in Youth 2002 and a number of ACC-events, we consider Hristina a European co-citizen.

Malene JepsenMalene worked as a Project Manager at the ACC International Programme Office in 2005-2006. She is a Master in History and Medieval Archaelogy from the University of Aarhus.
As participant in the Minority Course at Højskolen Østersøen 1998 we consider Malene a European co-citizen.

Eric Pichereaux, volunteer in 2002

Helle Villekold, Project Coordinator in winter 2004-2005

Mjellma and Eva discussing a project
Rhisiart working in the office

Hannah and Isabel
John talking on the phone

Siebren and Dasa, working on a Community College Course
Some of our recent publications

László working on the website
The office building on a beautiful day

Conchi working in the office July 2003
One of our cupboards...

The ACC international programme office is undertaking the following tasks in order to fulfill the purpose of § 3:

To follow the politics of non-formal education on European level (minimum) and provide this information to the members on the website in order to encourage members in taking part in discussions on the common European level.

Another important task of the ACC programme office is to organize diverse projects, which can lead to a concrete proposal for the establishment of community colleges and valid the need for this type of forum in the EU.

The ACC programme office takes initiative and fundraises for community college courses.

The programme office coordinates the ACC involvement in Rites Tautskola and First European Community College (FECC).

Additionally the office plays a consultative and an informative role; The office encourages, supports and helps local committees with fundraising, know-how etc. and
the office informs and liaises with politicians, opinion-makers, intellectuals, medias and connect people by chat, mail & Skype.

The following tasks as related to statutes, except §3 are:

· Decide on membership- applications (controversial/uncontroversial), §5
· Register paying/non-paying members and time of payment, §6
· Make sure there is a GA arranged in August, §7
· Call for the GA including agenda and a list of candidates, §8
· Planning the GA + Statement + Accounts, §8
· Find a location for the following years GA, §8
· Find eventually candidates, §13
· Surveillance of costs, §12
· Day-to-day running, including initiatives, §13
· Plan and carry through at least 2 face-to-face meetings per year, §14
· Cooperation with committees, §14
· Sign contracts with Committee’s, §14
· Do the accounts, §§

Tasks related to organization are the following:

· Organize activities in general
· Writing speeches for seminars and different kinds of presentations
· Conferences partake
· Fundraising to retain the organization running
· Update member-list, addresses, phone-numbers, e-mails
· Update newsletters, board-meetings and GA-minutes
· Run the newsletter (Bulletin)
· Edit the website
· Answer e-mails requests Promote members participation everywhere
· Make annuals
· Inform members per snail-mail when there are new projects
· Do the accounts and budgets
· Meet the accountant to explain the accounts and get a signature
· Receive and accommodate visitors in office
· Find interns for the office
· Merchandising
· EduConsult (create income)
· Publishing House administration / update and spread ACCENT guidelines
· Keep contacts through database
· Info/Presentation material etc.