Comeback attempt for European Association Statute
[05.12.10] European associations have demanded a European Association Statute for 33 years. On November 10th MEPs once again called on the EU-Commission to table proposals

The European Parliament has launched a written declaration calling on the European Commission to table three proposals for European statutes for foundations, associations and mutuals respectively. It was launched on 10 November 2010 by Marc Tarabella (S&D, B), Regina Bastos (EPP, P), Renate Weber (ALDE, RO), Pascal Canfin (Greens, F) and Marie-Christine Vergiat (GUE, F).

The written declaration has to be signed by a majority of the Members of the European Parliament, only then can it be forwarded to the European Commission. The time limit for securing the signatures is 17 February 2011.

A group of European associations (EASEA) promoting the adoption of a European Statute of European Association have decided to join their forces with the mutuals and foundations in order to support this declaration and to help to collect a majority of MEP signatures. ACC expects to join the alliance.

Freedom of association is component for a European public sphere

The freedom of association at European level is both a fundamental right of the European citizens and an active component in the emergence of a European public sphere. These are still major arguments for proposing a European Association Statute.


The History, Arguments, Promoters, Supporters and Contact coordinates can be found at the EASEA website along with links to campaign material. ACC Chairman John Petersen has previously issued three articles in Danish about the European Association Statute. They are available in English on request:

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