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May 19th 2005
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Citizens for Europe
Call for songs for a European songbook
Bridging Community College
Cornwall Community College
Representations Community College
Demos Community College
New Members

Citizens for Europe:

The Commission has adopted on 6 April 2005 a proposal establishing for the period 2007-2013 the programme “Citizens for Europe” to promote active European citizenship.

This proposal includes most of the main orientations that came out of the Consultation process that the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission organised at the end of 2004 and the Consultation Forum on 3 and 4 February in Brussels. As it is designed for a long period of time, it provides enough flexibility for adapting to future developments.

This proposal puts citizens at the centre, offers them the opportunity to fully assume their responsibility as European citizens and responds to the need to improve their participation in the construction of Europe. The programme will encourage cooperation between citizens and their organisations from different countries in order for them to meet, act together and develop their own ideas in a European environment which goes beyond a national vision and which respects their diversity. These intercultural exchanges will contribute to improving the mutual knowledge of the culture and history of the European peoples, and will bring our common heritage to the fore and strengthen the basis for our common future.

The Commission proposes a budget of 235 million euro over 7 years- in order to both ensure development of the activities of the current Civic participation programme that have proved to be successful, and implement innovative activities and methods:

The first action, “Active citizens for Europe”, will focus on involving citizens directly.
The second action, “Active civil society for Europe”, is targeted to Europe-wide civil society organisations of all kinds.
The third action, “Together for Europe”, will support high visibility events, studies and information tools.

This proposal by the Commission represents only a first step.The proposal needs to pass both the European Parliament and the Council. As this is what we are working for in the ACC, we would like to encourage you to take action and make your MEP-politicians support the proposal.

Call for songs for a European songbook:

Naomi Woltring (former EVS volunteer at the ACC Office) is at the moment doing a so called Future Capital project. She is doing a European songbook, with songs from all states within the Council of Europe area. She is asking for your help to collect songs. So please send her a song from your surrounding. It should follow those criteria:
- the text should be written in Latin alphabet (if nescessary phonetically)
- notes and chords should be included
- please add an English translation of the song
- send only songs without copyrights, since there are no money to cover copyrights
- no national anthems and no hardcore nationalist songs
If a lot of songs arrive from the same region, Naomi may have to make a selection of songs.
Please send the songs to: europeansongbook@yahoo.com .
If you don't have the songs in digital form please send an e-mail and you will receive a postal adress. DEADLINE IS JUNE 1st!

Bridging Community College II, Rite (Latvia). June 21st - 28th 2005:

The Bridging Community Colleges II project is planned recognizing the need for promoting non-formal education in common European context. It means gathering educational materials, methods and ideas used and synthesizing the experience gained through organising community college courses in different countries around Europe by various non-governmental groups. The main objective is to promote community colleges as an effective framework facilitating the creation of a sustainable European debate on issues of common concern thereby strengthening the European society, promoting active citizenship and creating the European public sphere.
Bridging Community College II is financed, so please
READ MORE AND APPLY at http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEMS/3091.asp

Cornwall Community College - Communicating through sports, Cornwall. August 1st - 22nd 2005:

The Cornwall Community College- Communicating through sports 2005 will provide an opportunity for young people to share knowledge about and participate in traditional sports from a diverse range of European cultures, as part of the process of promoting youth transcultural education. The young people will then work together to create a new sporting activity and to communicate their sporting knowledge to a wider audience. It is our intention that a deeper transcultural understanding and dialogue will take place among the participants as a consequence of the project, which will contribute to a stronger “culture of peace” in Europe.
Applicants are expected to have a knowledge/understanding of a traditional, lesser-played sporting activity from their region, that they are able to share/play with others.
Applicants who live in the following States are welcome to apply: United Kingdon, Republic of Ireland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Latvia, Denmark, Romania and Greece.
Participation Fee: Due to the high cost of hosting the event, there will be a 150 Euro participation fee. This will cover 70% of travel costs, board and lodge, excursions etc. Applicants are encouraged to look for sponsorship (private/public) to cover their participation fee from their own countries.
We are still working on the financing of the Cornwall Community College, but feel free to
READ MORE AND APPLY at http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEMS/141.asp

Representations Community Colleges (RCC) is going to be carried out from September 12th - 26th (may be moved a few days)

The subject of the meeting is a community college course organized for young European NGO representatives on the topic of political representation in the European political institutions. We will combine the elements of formal and non-formal education methods in the special boarding school format. Our aim is to bridge the gap between those who are represented, and those who represent. We thus want to construct a dialogue between the participants, politicians and political professionalists to bring Brussels and the various regions of the EU closer to each other and highlight their interdependencies. We want to create understanding for the problems and challenges facing politicians, lobbyists and civil society actors in their daily work through active learning in a two-day simulation, complemented with study visits to institutions in Berlin, lectures and meetings. As the outcome of the RCC, we want to use these experiences to write an ethics-codex for working as an elected representative.

The project has EU-support for participants between 18 - 25 years of age from Poland, Denmark, the UK, Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Netherlands, France, Greece and the Czech Republic. Travels will be covered with 70%, and there is going to be a participation fee on approximately 80 EUR.

Please apply at the website: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/3091.asp, if you are interested in taking part.
The financing is not yet secured a 100%.

Demos Community College - Open Space Learning Community on Demos, Rhodes. October 1st - 10th, 2005

What does Europe mean for young Europeans today? How do we see our common future?
How do we approach identity, unity and diversity in our everyday lives? How can active European citizenship be practiced following the ancient Greek notion of “demos”?
How can we contribute to co-creating a vibrant learning community to explore possibilities and issues related to a European public sphere?
This initiative aims to bring together young people from all over Europe, to live and learn together combining the Community Colleges format with Open Space Technology. Both Open Space (OS) and Community Colleges are based on principles of community learning, building knowledge on experience empowering shared learning, calling upon what really matters right here, right now.
The intention is to offer space and time for young Europeans to explore the above key-question, offer their interests, skills and talents to each other, have a glance at the future, share their hopes and fears, explore the methodology itself and see its future usage in their own contexts… Having Active Citizenship, a European Demos both as the anchor and the common dream, Open Space Learning Community will invite young Europeans to turn attention into value, planning into vision, movement into learning, management into leadership. As “whatever happens is the only thing that could have” (one of the principles of OS), we hope this to be a truly transformative, enjoyable and highly productive experience.
The Demos Community College is financed so please
READ MORE AND APPLY at http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEMS/2063.asp

Invitations received:

A number of invitations are available from the http://public.acc.eu.org . Among the latest are:
ISCA International Training Course - Intercultural Dialogue and Social Inclusion through Sports. July 11-17. LIthuania.
"Improving EU-visibility in new members and candidate countries". June 1-5. Bucharest.
Europe 2005 - the Second International Students Meeting Bialystok, Poland. 13-17 July.


10/3, John Petersen meeting Malene Jepsen, discussing future employment
10/3, Astrid Ranvig at Ribe Ungdomshøjskole presenting
12/3, John Petersen meeting Andreas Åbling Petersen, FECC supporter
13/3, John Petersen and auditor Lene Albrechtsen meeting
17/3, Mjellma Mehmeti met Miodrag Stamboldziev in Skopje
22/3, John Petersen meeting MEP Dan Jørgensen discussing the FECC
23/3, John Petersen meeting Katja Murray, Danish Youth Council, Copenhagen
4/4, Meeting at “Nævnet” in Copenhagen, John Petersen
5/4, Meeting at International Acadamy for Education and Democracy, John Petersen
5/4, John Petersen introducing ACC for Torleif Jonassen, FFD, Copenhagen
19/4, Szilvia Malik at Warsaw conference
19/4, John Petersen meeting Uffe Iwersen, Junge Spitzen, Brussels
19/4, John Petersen and Jan-Christoph Napierski at reception in the European Parliament, Brussels. Invited by MEP Pál Schmitt and EAEA
22/4, Perinne Martin and John Petersen meeting to discuss the Campaigne Europeenne CC
25/4, RCC Berlin Committee meeting, Berlin
25/4, John Petersen and Erik Jentges meeting Ilka Keuper, Heinz Schwarzkopf Stiftung, Berlin
1/5, Video-documentary-interview uploaded to the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung http://www.bpb.de/themen/ZWE5JD,0,0,Europas_Zivilgesellschaft.html
2/5, Malene Jepsen starts job at ACC Office
7/5, General Assembly on May 7th. John Petersen, Sandra Salmina, Linda Jakobsone and Inese Ardone represented the ACC.
Inese Ardone was elected board member and John Petersen as substitute of the board.

A warm welcome to our new members:

Jannis Koasidis, Warsaw
Andrea Durdikova, Bratislava
Leire Azpiri Ugarte, Liverpool

Our best regards,
John Petersen/Malene Jepsen

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