ACC Bulletin no. 44
October 21st, 2002
ACC International Programme Office

High School Students at Rites Tautas Augstskola, "Me in Europe" 24-27 October
Europe of Rights Community College, Italy, August 2003
European Youth & Sport Forum Aarhus, 18-24 November
New members


The ACC Latvia Committee has arranged the seminar "Me in Europe" to take place at the Rites Folk High School from October 24th to 27th. 20 High School Students are going to take part in the seminar. It is the aim of the project to introduce the EU in general to the students and to deal with the EU enlargement proces in particular. It is also a purpose of the event to introduce the students to the Rites Tautas Augstskola and the community college format.


The ACC Committee in Pisa has sent us this new presentation of the project "Europe of Rights Community College" which is going to take place in Casa Cares, Regello, Italy (www.casacares.it). It is planned to be carried out from August 2nd to 11th, 2003:

"One-week Community College exchange for 40 young Europeans concerning the importance of fundamental human rights for the implementation of intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding in our societies. The Council of Europe's European Convention on Human Rights and the European Union's European Charter of Fundamental Rights will offer a point of departure for the discussion. Particular attention will be devoted to the Charta Oecumenica, signed in Strasbourg on April 22nd 2001 by the Conference of European Churches (CEC) and the Council of European Bishops' Conferences (CCEE), and to its role in the process of defining a "European identity". This part of the project will be carried through by the WSCF-ER (World Student Christian Federation - Europe Region), which is our main co-operational partner."

Provided we will manage to raise the necessary funds for the carrying out of the project, the programme and application forms are going to be released at the website and announced in this bulletin as well.


Please check the www.youthandsport.org for the "European Youth & Sport Forum Aarhus 2002", which is a conference to be carried out in Aarhus, Denmark, from 18th to 24th of November. The organizers have adressed us to ask, if some of our members would like to participate. We have even been allowed to present the ACC at the occasion.

The forum is taking place at the Idraetshoejskolen i Aarhus, which is one of the well known folk high schools but dealing in particular with sports.

Would you like to participate, then go to sign in directly at the www.youthandsport.org or write Henrik Loevschall at henrikloevschall@ihaarhus.dk

The initiative to the forum is connected to the Danish EU Precidency .

The purpose is to give young Europeans a chance to be heard in the debate when Europe´s Sports ministers meet in Aarhus on November 21st and 22nd. The European Youth & Sport Forum will bring young people from all over Europe together for 6 days in Aarhus, Denmark.

The idea is to discuss and share our viewpoints on how sport takes part in our everyday lives including three main topics:

· Doping
· Health and Sports
· Education through Sport

At the end of the conference the outcome will be presented for the Ministers at City Hall. That will be a great opportunity to be heard in this debate.

If you can not come to Aarhus in November you can join the debate on the Online Forum. Use the "Sign in" box in the left bottom corner of the website.



The future of the association Youth2002 is still unclarified just as are the exact contents of an eventual follow-up project. In principle it has been agreed to close down the organisation Youth2002, but without excluding the possibility of opening a refounded and restructured Youth200X. Jesper Nielsen is taking part in the current working commiteee meetings as an ACC-representative.


Welcome to new members:

Sezen Özgür
Stasa Sihrovski
Andrzej Pater
Elitsa Ivanova
Valeria Beccari
Julius Mastilak
Dan Nitescu
Hüseyin Hancer
Valter Ferrarini
Boro Petrusic
Nataliya Nikolova
Ingeborg Juul Frandsen
William McGinnis
Angelo Catiglione
Carolina Gancedo Pazos
Naim Özgür
Julika Bake



September 7th, Apple Party at the Rites Tautas Augstkola, Rite, Latvia. By the Apple Committee and the ACC-Latvia
September 16th-25th, Éric Pichereaux taking part in the EVS's Introductive Course at Vallekilde Hĝjskole, Denmark.
September 14th-15th, Danish Social Liberal Party's resolution on European folk high schools / community colleges
September 17th, ACC board meeting at the chatsite. www.acc.eu.org
September 25th, John Petersen at the General Assembly of the Danish branch of the Association for World Education.
October 1st, ACC board meeting at the chatsite. www.acc.eu.org
October 15th, Jesper Nielsen representing the ACC at the Youth2002 working committee meting, Oure drĉtshĝjskole, Denmark
October 24th-27th, ACC Latvia organizes "Me in Europe!", Rite, Latvia.


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