ACC Bulletin no. 43
October 8th, 2002
ACC International Programme Office


* Journal of World Education, spring issue 2003, &
* Annual 2002 of the ACC

This newsletter in particular but not exclusively to those who were involved in the Youth2002. It is with pleasure we can give the information that ACC will release the next issue of the Journal of World Education ("Journal").

The spring issue of the Journal will have the latest years endeavors of the ACC as its main theme and the Youth2002 in particular as a climax of proving in real life the viability of the format of the residential school courses (community college courses).

We believe to have material for an issue containing both (1) a theoretical part, mainly focused on the well-known article of the AWE president, professor Ove Korsgaard: "A European demos? The Nordic adult education tradition - folkeoplysning - faces a challenge"; (2) a juridical part containing mainly the "Act on European Community Colleges" and probably a concrete proposal for a new Action of the Youth-programmes; and then a (3) part including experiences and contributions of any kind coming from those young people who took part as participants and organizers of the Youth2002. This third part is considered the main part and it should include as diverse contributions as possible.
Photos attached to articles are very, very welcome just as any other kind of material suitable for printing.

We imagine contributions to be in English and from 0-7000 characters.

Are you interested in writing an article? Do you already have an article, which could fit the Journal? Please let us know as the very first.

Describe your experiences with the residential school format!
Describe the differences to whatever format has framed youth policy and/or European events before!
Which was your best experience during summer, which was the worst?
What were the immediate impressions, which are the longer lasting impressions?
Meeting the Europeans -when they are together.... seeing the countryside of a European country... love affairs (not too detailed), new friends… etc. etc.

The deadline for contributions is December 1st.

Among the contributions there will be made a selection for the Journal. There is also a chance for your article or contribution to find a place in the Annual 2002 of the ACC.

The selection process is expected to take place during the Schools for Europe Community College II, which will take place in probably the first week of February 2003. We are going to invite 20 former Youth2002 participants and organizers to a final editorial conference at one of the folk high schools in Denmark in which we will put the magazine together. The participants are expected to be contributors of articles or other contributions as well.

If you are an advanced user of Quark we would like to hear from you as well, as we need also a technical editor for the issue!!

* What is the Journal of World Education?

The Journal is the magazine of the Association for World Education (AWE). ACC is a European branch of this International NGO, and the Journal as well as the AWE has existed since around 1970. You can find a short introduction at the www.world-education.dk

The Journal is released to the branches world wide of the AWE plus to whomever we decide. Of course, we will decide to make public the Journal to politicians, intellectuals, medias and the like throughout Europe in particular as we would like the idea of the community colleges to be better known and the system (juridical), the ideology (theoretical) and YOUR EXPERIENCES in particular (practical) to be widespread.

* AWE Journal, spring edition:

These are the draft plans so far for the spring edition:


Frontpage 1
Innercover 2 Message from the President
3 Editorial Staff Preface
Part 1 1-15 Theory/Citizenship
1-10 Ideological articles Ove Korsgaard etc.
11-15 Horsdal/John?
Part 2 16-50 Praxis/Youth2002
Participants and young organizers
Jakob Erle, 15.000 characters (ca. 8 pages)
Part 3 51-70 Juridical Frame
51-57 Act on European Community Colleges
Part 4 58-70 First European Community College
Innercover 71 About the ACC and about the AWE
Back 72 Contents and photo

Hope to be hearing from YOU ;-)

Our very best regards,
John Petersen, chairman
ACC International Programme Office
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6200 Aabenraa DK
ph. +45 7363 0043
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