ACC Bulletin no. 42
September 18th, 2002
ACC International Programme Office

The "General Assembly" of the Danish Social Liberal Party (Radikale Venstre) has in the weekend decided a resolution which rapidly can be translated to:

"The Danish Social Liberal Party wishes to promote the possibility of running European folk high schools [community colleges] and/or carry out European folk high school courses. The intensified degree of information should be supplemented with the possibility for the citizens in Europe to meet personally and at courses lasting for a longer time."

There was also some reasoning, but it is not part of the resolution (it never is):

"New initiatives are needed in order to make possible European citizens participation in debates on common european level plus in general to develop a european public debating realm. The Danish free/folk high school system can become an important inspiration, since it is in principal decentralized concerning curricula and leadership.
Youth2002 has shown the way by taking a current topic and make it into focus of 14 days folk high school courses. Thirteen folk high schools were housing 1000 european young people who discussed the future of Europe and who together wrote a proposal for a future Euroepan constitution.

In relation to the government conference 2004 we should be prepared for at least not closing the possibility of having in the future a common European non-formal educational system - a kind of act on European folk high schools."

You need seven members of the party to make a proposal, and we were:

Johannes Lebech
Ove Korsgaard (for many of you known as president of the Association for World Education)
Knud-Erik Therkelsen (for many of you known as principal of Højskolen Østersøen)
Stine Høeg
Mogens Hemmingsen
Peter Korsbjerg (member of ACC)
John Petersen

Dont hesitate to forward to whatever media or policitian, that one Danish Party is heading for supporting European Community Colleges! The Social Liberal Party is a small center party. Traditionally it is thought of as the party of small farmers, educators and intellectuals. Since it is in the center it usually very much in power in Denmark, even though it is small. The party is NOT in the governing coalition of the current Danish government.

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