ACC Bulletin no.40
August 29th, 2002
ACC International Programme Office

In this issue:

- First European Community College
- Youth2002
- ACC/Youth 2002 declaration
- 15th Board Meeting
- General Assembly 2002
- The European Charter Community College
- A Folk High School in Finland
- European Studies at Brandbjerg Folk High School
- Mjellma's departure/Eric´s arrival
- Welcome to our new members
- Calendar

***First European Community College

A new project is coming up, The First European Community College. So far, it is only a peace of cyberpaper at the labtop, but who knows:
With your help and energy, and with the help and energy of all the ACC-members -and maybe more peoples and frames- it may become reality some day.

Try to imagine, a community college, a school dedicated to European non-formal general education in the well-known concept of "learning and living together". It was one of the main purposes of the Youth2002 to prove the viability of the concept of learning and living together through the Danish folk high schools special pedagogical choreography both to young Europeans and to the Danish politicians. so much about the timing!

With this we would like to ask you to help us!

In an extra newsletter, we are going to send you the first draft of a school description + the offer to become part of a debate-group at fecc@acc-eu-org

The core idea of the First European Community College is that we should continue the wave we have already started: Europeans organising courses for Europeans -and the best is, if people with "the" experience are also the facilitators or teachers of such a college.

So, please ask yourself the following questions and join the debate at the fecc@acc.eu.org

1) Which courses should be offered at the First European Community College?
2) How is your culture, identity, nationality, region, party, whatever going to find place at the First European Community College?
3) How are your other NGOs questions and agendas going to be part of whats going on at the First European Community College?
4) How could you help establishing the First Europeann Community College?
5) With whom should we cooperate?
6) Ideas, ideas, ideas!

***The Youth2002 summer events have ended

From June 30th to July 13th 1000 young Europeans had the outstanding chance to meet and discuss among them the future of Europe in general and the probable future European constitution in particular. The project took place at 13 different folk high schools in Denmark. The concrete result of the event was the proposal produced by participants in common: the 1000 Young European Citizens' Constitution.

Please find it at the www.youth2002.org

Youth2002 means that another 1000 citizens and inhabitants of EU, pre-accession and Balkan countries have become familiar with the system and the spirit we are working for. The participants of the Youth2002 now know, what all this talk about European Community Colleges/Folk High Schools is all about.

Moreover, the participants constitute already now an ongoing debate about the future of Europe and about their common experiences and stories of their individual stays at the 13 folk high schools. This takes place in yahoo- and other groups and there are already plans among participants organizing similar events in the future. The work on the 1000 Young European Citizens' Constitution, which was the concrete result of the 14 days courses, is hopefully also continuing in a number of yahoo-groups.

By this we have taken a small but still important step in the direction of establishing a common European public sphere just as we have one more time proved by practicing the model of how to create this European public sphere.

Since the participants now know how to create this European public sphere, the Youth2002 are considering them Ambassadors of Youth Policy in Practice" (even though in principle it shouldn't be limited to the young people only).

The ACC has played a role at almost all levels in the Youth2002, just as we, together with the Danish Youth Council, were the only ones representing mainly young people. At the same time we were the only European association in the project.

Many of our members have been working very hard to keep the European outlook and the youth dimension in the organizational part of the project. At the General Assembly of the ACC recently, our chairman John Petersen in particular mentioned, that we "...owe thanks to Jette Nielsen (Copenhagen) who wrote the project carried through at IPC in Elsinore, Conchi Gallego (Madrid) for communicating in Brussels and elsewhere in right place and time and for together with Linda Jakobsone (Riga) to carry through the project at Snoghøj Højskole, Mjellma Mehmeti (Skopje) for coordinating the 12 volunteers taking part in the Youth2002 as assistants of the schools and for running the ACC Office in a very busy period, Lene Albrechtsen (Kliplev) who helped drafting the first budget of the Youth2002, our friends in AWE-Danmark for communicating in right time certain ideas, Ágota Illyés and Barna Kovács (Budapest) for volunteering at Brandbjerg Højskole and the Youth2002-secretariat, in short (and by this) for probably saving the whole project, to Helena Soares Silva (Espinho), Dasa Bolcina (Trieste), Hannes Sildnik (Johvi), Hanna Wennerström (Lund) and the other (non-ACC) volunteers for serious work, Elly Andersen (Aabenraa) for being loyal to the project and representing the ACC in the Youth2002-board, Siebren de Boer (Ljouwert) for paving ways into the European Parliament, and basically to all members for helping recruiting participants and to the board of the ACC for writing the project of Snoghøj Højskole and for coming up with the idea of combining the Danish EU-Presidency with the purpose of showing the folk high school system to Europe."

It's probably not all: Many of our members -among them participants of Youth2002- are now working on the media follow-up. Good luck on it!

The Youth2002 as an organisation, which was set up by the ACC together with 12 folk high schools and four other organisations, is still alive. The General Assembly of the Youth2002 is going to take a stand on an eventual continuation on September 19th. There is no final plan about the follow-up within the ACC yet, except that we think it is the right time to launch the initiative "First European Community College". Everybody seem to be on holiday and it's then difficult to move anything in August ;-)

The Volunteers projects organized as a part of the Youth2002 ended as well. It was managed in cooperation with 11 folk high schools in Denmark.
Volunteers were Àgota Illyés & Barna Kovács (Brandbjerg Højskole), Valentina Drera (Ask Højskole), Sean Bolger (Egmont Højskolen), Simona Saimininkaite (Snoghøj Højskole), Dasa Bolcina (Askov Højskole), Helena Soares Silva (Esbjerg Højskole), Arantxa Mardones (Rønshoved Højskole), Hanna Wennerström (Højskolen Østersøen), Hannes Sildnik (IUC-Europe), Ha Nguyen (Skælskør Folkehøjskole) and Stanislava Kaneva (IPC).

***ACC/Youth 2002 declaration:

After the Youth 2002 event and its subsequent fever, about half the participants signed the Youth 2002 Declaration to support the Act on European Community Colleges. Among them, the most excited ones decided to go on with involving themselves and joined the ACC. Off to a good start ! Please find the declaration at the www.acc.eu.org If you want to sign it as well, you're welcome! Just return an e-mail and you will be added to the growing list of supporters. Please find the declaration at the www.acc.eu.org (if not today, then tomorrow)

***15th Board meeting:
A Board meeting took place on July 14th at Snoghoej Folk High School, Denmark. The minutes have been uploaded to the assemblies section in "Home".

***General Assembly :
The General Assembly 2002 took place on August 2nd at Hoejskolen Oestersoeen, Denmark. The minutes have been uploaded to the assemblies section in "Home."

***The European Charter Community Colleges :

At the end of the year, from December 27th to January 4th 2003, the European Charter Community Colleges will take place. For one week 40 young Europeans will discuss the importance of intercultural dialogue and of mutual understanding in Regello (Florence, Italy). The aim is to take part in a debate preceding the prospective European Constitution in 2004. It has to be noticed that you have to wait for the application but the project is already available on the website. For further information you can also send an e-mail to the project co-ordinator, Eva Valvo, at icc@acc.eu.org

***A Folk High School in Finland :

This is an offer we've just received from Kaj-Erik Nordström, principal of Västra Nylands folkhögskola :

" We accept 250 - 300 students yearly for the 8-month course. Two of the programmes have tuition completely in English. One is called "European Studies" and the other " English and Communication Studies". On these programmes we have both domestic and foreign students. On "European Studies" we can offer 10 (ten) full scholarships to students from European non-EU-countries (post communist countries). The scholarship means that tuition, meals and room are free of charge. We would like to inform participants concerned who participated in "Youth 2002" about these studies and the offer of full scholarship."..." For your information, please visit our web site www.vnf.fi."

***European Studies at Brandbjerg Folk High School

Brandbjerg Folk High School (Denmark) is one of our partners in the Youth2002. Coordinator Mads Fuglede has asked us to make you aware of the 16 weeks European Studies at the school. Within the well-known concept of the residential, learning-and living together concept, Brandbjerg Folk High School is going to offer a course very much up-to-date with European matters. Political, historical, cultural and philosophical issues are on the agenda during the automn course beginning on September 2nd. An excursion to Brussels and another one to Copenhagen during one of the EU-summits is included. The participation for 16 weeks, lodge and board included, is 1520 EUR. Please write Mads for more information at europa@brandbjerg.dk

***Mjellma's departure/Eric's arrival

Since February 28th, Mjellma has been the European volunteer of the ACC. The internship has ended on August 1st. I arrived on July 14th to take over Mjellma's job. After seeing the huge work she did, it's going to be a great challenge for me ! Thank you Mjellma and everyone from the ACC for your warm welcome.

***Welcome to our new members :

Agnieszka Sobczyk
Aleksandra Wesoly
Ali Ozygit
Alina Ioana Chereches
Allan Siao Ming Witherick
Anna Soresina
Antreas Chantrpantelis
Birgit Liukkonen
Christiane Maria Rodrigues Treptow
Constantin Viorel Mihai
Daniel Scurtu
Daniel Scurtu
Daniil Starodubtsev
Darko Majstorovic
Denis Matrov
Denis Matrov
Deniss Petrovits
Eleni Neoclous
Ellimaija Lempinen
Emanuel Kupsch
Enkeleida Thaçi
Eric Pichereaux
Erik Jentges
Ervin Mete
Ewa Bobowska
Fernando Conde Lamas
Giuseppe Ebraico
Inci Saragoglu
Irene Antolín
Ivana Lazarevic
Jane Kokuta
Janka Murinova
João Miguel Vaz Silva
Josef Teboho Ansorge
Leonor Fonseca Lourenco
Levent Kasemi
Marcin Maliszeweski
Maja Mezgec
Marius Balean
Miguel Arenas-Haro
Mihaela Alexandrescu
Monika Pilatowska
Natalja Jedomskihh
Oliver Bösen
Ovidiu-Cristian Norocel
Petra Haviarová
Saskia Heyden
Silke Schleiff
Simona Cretescu
Snezana Stefanovska
Sokol Alijaj
Srdjan Belic
Szymon Wesotowski
Tim R. Y. Vos
Tim Shand
Tomas Balco
Toumo Jarvela
Violet Soen
Vitor Manuel Sarabando Vieira
Zdravka Hristova Georgieva
Zoran Ilievski

***Calendar of events :

June 14th, John was present at the FFD General Assembly held at Kerteminde, Denmark.
June 30th to July 13th, YOUTH2002. 1000 young Europeans from 33 different states at 13 different folk high schools in Denmark.
June 30th , Marienborg, Copenhagen, Mjellma Mehmeti had a speech at the welcoming meeting for the Youth2002 project, organized by Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, chairing the EU and Danish Prime Minister.
July 6th , Snoghøj Folk High School, John Petersen made a presentation of the ACC and a lecture for the Snoghøj participants of the Youth2002.
July 6th , Conchi Gallego, John Petersen, Linda Jakobsone and Mjellma Mehmeti had an informal informative meeting on the overall developments of the Youth2002 project so far.
July 7th, Ry Folk High School, Mjellma Mehmeti made a presentation of the ACC for the Ry participants of the Youth2002 project.
July 8th, Ask Folk High School, Mjellma Mehmeti made a presentation of the ACC for the Ask participants of the Youth2002 project.
July 9th, Rønshoved Folk High School, Denmark, Mjellma Mehmeti and John Petersen made a visit to the school and met the Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Denmark who gave a lecture in Rønshoved.
July 12th, Rønshoved Folk High School, Mjellma Mehmeti made a presentation of the ACC for the participants of the Youth2002 project.
July 12th , Rønshoved Folk High School, Conchi Gallego, Mjellma Mehmeti and John Petersen at the Constitution meeting at Rønshoved Højskole (Youth2002).
July 13th , Rønshoved Folk High School, Conchi Gallego, John Petersen and Mjellma Mehmeti take part at the handing over ceremony of the final version of the Constitution to the Minister for European Affairs Mr. Bertel Haarder by the 26 negotiators (Youth2002).
July 14th, ACC extended board meeting, Snoghøj, Denmark, present at the meeting: Ágota Illyés, Barna Kovács, Conchi Gallego, Dasa Bolcina, Éric Pichereaux, Hannes Sildnik, Helena Soares Silva, Jan-Christoph Napierski, John Petersen, Linda Jakobsone, Mjellma Mehmeti, Siebren de Boer.
July 24th, Linda Jakobsone's talk about ACC and Youth 2002 to the Baltic Sea Project in Club The House, Riga.
July 26th, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, John Petersen and Mjellma Mehmeti meet the Deputy Head of Department, Ms Anne Ehrenreich and the Head of Section, Mr Jakob Nymann-Jensen and Secretary of Minister in order to discuss possible further cooperation opportunities.
July 31st, Linda Jakobsone and Dainis Lasmanis' radiospeak about Youth 2002 on the national Latvian radio.
July 31st, The Volunteers project Youth Update Journalism, which was managed in cooperation with 11 folk high schools in Denmark ended.
July 30th, Linda Jakobsone visiting the ACC International Programme Office.
August 2nd, General Assembly at Højskolen Østersøen, Aabenraa, Denmark.
August 4th, Eva Valvo and Marzia Pistolesi visiting the office. Planning the SECC.
August 8th, Michael Huss SVEJSTRUP from CIRIUS visiting the ACC-International Programme Office.
August 9th, John Petersen presenting the ACC to the East-West dialogue participants, Højskolen Østersøen, Aabenraa, Denmark.
August 15th, ACC-Latvia General Assembly, Riga, Latvia.
August 19th, John Petersen at the board meeting of the AWE-DK, Copenhagen.
August 26th, Giuseppe Ebraico (Brescia) visiting the Office.

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