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In this period two meetings of the Board have been held (February 21st and March 14th). On both of them the representative of the ACC Elly Andersen was present.
A two-day seminar for the volunteers and coordinators at schools was organized at the Brandbjerg folk high school (March 14th- 15th). It was an event where the volunteers were closely introduced to the ideas linked with the Youth2002 project and eventual programs of some schools. One of the conclusions coming out of the seminar was that the volunteers should work closely with their coordinators in order to draw the lines of the programme for their school. At this seminar an idea came out from the volunteers: to meet in one week and to try and draft a Constitution together. The experiences gained from this process will help the coordinators finalize the two weeks programme. The Roenshoved folk high school, by coincidence, had a very similar idea, so, it was agreed that the volunteers are hosted for one week (22nd- 29th April) at Roenshoved to do the Experimental Constitution Week.
The application period for the Youth2002 project has been closed. Over 2500 applications reached the secretariat of Youth2002. The selection process is close to its end.

Dear friends, since the 28th of February I am the new volunteer at the ACC International Programme Office here in Aabenraa Denmark. My tasks are to keep the contacts with all of you as well as to act as a coordinator for the other 12 EVS's linked with the Youth2002 project.
I am supposed to be at the office for the coming 5 months and I really hope I will be of a good help to you. You can reach me any time during office hours (9:00- 17:00) on the following telephone number +45 7363 0043, or fax number +45 7462 4701, or you can just write to me at the mjellma@acc.eu.org. I am looking forward to contacting and cooperating with you all.

On its second issue, the "Baltic Sea Dialogue" newsletter invited the ACC folks: Sandra Salmina from the ACC Tautskolas Eiropai and John Petersen from the ACC International Programme Office to write an article on the developments within the process of the European integration and how the ACC and its strives and aims incorporate with this process. One of the messages coming out of this article is that it is necessary that the Europeans develop, what has been called "the art of living together". With the help of the Folk High School format this art can be developed. In this direction within the article there is a very concise summary of the Act on European Community Colleges that gives an overview on the main points it addresses.

The Baltic Sea Dialogue is a Newsletter for Adult Learning in the Baltic Sea Area

January 16th, Klara Tjernberg, Linköping
January 22nd, Bernard Borg, Birkirkara
January 29th, Ljiljana Zlatojevic, Salzburg
February 14th, Marianna Drozdova, Tartu
February 25th, Hannes Sildnik,
March 5th, Milan Milosevic, Smederevska Pacanica


A training course for youth workers and youth leaders on European citizenship education in youth work to be held at the European Youth Center in Budapest from 16th- 27th of June 2002. Deadline for applications: 10th April 2002 The course description and the application form can be downloaded from: http://www.training-youth.net/

The Fulbright International Summer Institute is a joint project of the Education 21 Foundation, the Europartners 2000 Foundation and the Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission. It will offer three-week intensive courses taught in English in the following fields: social sciences, Cultural studies, the humanities and the arts plus Bulgarian language classes on different levels, including beginners. The courses at FISI are designed for international and Bulgarian graduate and undergraduate students, university faculty, teachers and professionals. Training will be conducted by distinguished Bulgarian and American professors, most of whom are Fulbright grantees or alumni. The FISI will be held from August 5 to August 25, 2002, in the beautiful mountain resort of Pamporovo located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, about a hundred miles southeast of the capital city of Sofia.
HESP Junior Faculty School - 15 April 2002
Undergraduate courses - 15 May 2002
Teacher training workshop - 15 May 2002
Contact persons:
Dr. Julia Stefanova Dr.Kostadin Grozev
Executive Director Director
Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission HESP Junior Faculty School
17 Alexander Stamboliiski Blvd.,
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Tel: 359 2 978 4309
E-mail: Grozev@clio.uni-sofia.bg
Tel: 359 2 981 8567]
Fax: 359 2 988 45 17
E-mail: JStefanova@fulbrsof.bol.bg

The Summer University Program (SUN) of the Central European University (CEU) announces a call for course proposals for its summer school held in Budapest, June 30 - August 1, 2003.
The goals of the SUN are the following:
- To further the development of higher education in the social sciences and humanities in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union (CEE/fSU) and other countries of emerging democracies worldwide by promoting continuing ducation, providing information about current method(ologie)s and research, and by presenting debates and argument on topical issues
- To build a network of faculty and professionals which can facilitate the exchange of ideas and co-operative projects
- To increase interaction between academics and professionals from the East and the West Issues of particular interest for the program that applicants may want to consider including into their applications are the following:
1) Integrative Perspectives in Women's and Gender Studies: - The Interrelations of Gender, Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Citizenship - Gender in Culture and Society
2) Regional sustainability in a post-socialist context - a closer study of cultural, economic, political and legal issues that examine and develop the idea of regional sustainability (consequences for non-EU elements)
3) Multiple Modernities (issues of modernization in a comparative, multi-disciplinary framework)
4) Institutions and the Production, Preservation, and Diffusion of Knowledge
5) China, Asian Studies
6) Comparative Religion
See http://www.ceu.hu/sun/ for all the details.


21/Feb. Board meeting of the Youth2002 John, Elly, Brandbjerg, DK.
March, a new issue of the Baltic Sea Dialogue was released, John Petersen and Sandra Salmina had an article.
14/Mar. Board meeting of the Y.2002 John Petersen, Elly Andersen, Brandbjerg, DK.
14- 15/Mar. seminar for the Youth2002 volunteers and their coordinators, present were: Dasa, Mjellma, Helena, John, Hannes, Agota and Barna, Brandbjerg, DK.

Mjellma Mehmeti

ACC International Programme Office
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6200 Aabenraa DK
ph. +45 7363 0043
fax +45 7462 4701

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