Bulletin no. 37 - February 11th, 2002

Act on European Community Colleges, reactions
Volonteers/Update Journalism
Youth 2002

Act on European Community Colleges, reactions

We have had a lot of very positive reactions on the Act on European Community Colleges. On behalf of the group behind the Act on European Community Colleges and as a chairman of the ACC, I would like to thank you for these messages. I would also like to introduce you to some of the reactions arriving to the ACC International Programme Office per e-mail and common letters.

It is obvious on the background of these reactions that we have to continue working on, improving and manifolding the Act. We are convinced that the Act will be debated in many forums all over.

We hope in particular that the Act will be seen in the context of the Youth2002, which is still occupying a lot of the resources of the ACC. It is our main endeavour of 2002 to make the Youth2002 into another showcase, and to prove again that European Community Colleges and the concept of learning and living together should be a model for a European common, decentralised and non-formal educational school system.

"On behalf of Commissioner Viviane Reding, I would like to thank you for your letter of 13 January concerning the sending of the "Act on European Community Colleges" Mrs Reding has immediately forwarded your document to the Directorate General for Education and Culture for further study".
EU-Commissioner Viviane Reding/Raf Chanterie

"Many thanks for your letter of January 1st 2002. Your proposal is a very imaginative and inspiring one (and set out in a very convincing (un)official journal!)
I will seek ways to spread your idea. Please accept my sincere best wishes and encouragement for your lobbying efforts."
Baroness Sarah Ludford, MEP, Liberal Democrat.

"Thank you very much for your mail. I have forwarded it to two of my colleagues in the Commission: Mr. Gerard Legri, who is in charge of the "Debate on the Future of Europe" and to Mr. Anders Hingel, who is one of the leaders of our Education department."
European Commission; Directorate-General for Press and Communication, Director Niels Jørgen Thøgersen

"... It is a very inspiring initiative, and I wish you all the best with future activities! I have fowarded the information to the relevant people within ght Ministry of Education... and the Ministry of Justice..., asking them to inform their respective national agencies and other organisations which might like to take an active part."
Camilla Lindstroem, Ministry of Education, Sweden

"Thank you"
Minister for European Affairs Bertel Haarder, DK

"Thank you for your message and the innovative idea on "The Act on European Community Colleges""
Denise Hizette, Belgium

"The lack of awareness of European Issues demonstrated by the citizens of member states is a significant problem for the European Union. The project you propose promises to work towards remedying this deficiency, and thus I wish it well."
Roy Perry, MEP; European Peoples Party-European Democrats; member of Committee on Culture, Youth, Education, the Media and Sport

"In the European Parliament we are very supportive of life-long learning. I therefore welcome this initiative. It is an important step towards developping a sense of European citizenship, which is essential for European integration. To confront students with other European cultures and identities is crucial to create awareness of the European diversity, a key element of the European identity. I therefore think the initiative merits support."
Marieke Sanders-Ten Holte, MEP; Group of the European Liberal, Democrat and Reform Party; member of Committee on Women's Rights and Equal Opportunities

"I am very grateful for such interesting information on this Act on European Community Colleges. From Spain best regards, and good luck on this wonderful work."
Susana Cascajo, Spain

"Your beginning is very interesting, How we can get involved in it?"
Zviad Pochkhua, deputy editor of Georgian Times

"Many thanks for your e-mail. I really did find it interesting. I am personally inviting you to come to Malta. Please keep me informed with relevant e-mails."
Joseph Miscallef, Malta

As the director of the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University I find your message very interesting.
Jaanneke Lootsma, director of Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University

"This is indeed a very good example of active citizenship and a very interesting proposition in the area of non-formal education. Congratulations on taking this initiative!"
Roisin McCabe, Policy Officer for Citizenship and Lifewide Learning, European Youth Forum (EYF)

"I appreciate your effeorts very much,paricularly as you are young and your idea is to change and to improve education as one of the fundmamenbtal issues in creating t he future of Europe."
Vinko Zidaric, Croatian Andragogic Society

"I was very interesting by the mail that you sent me. As Head of Euro Info Centre Halle-Vilvoorde I am looking very positive to such an initiative."
Christophe Veys, Head of Euro Info Centre Halle-Vilvoorde (Belgium)

"I found out about the plans for the new education system and I think it to be a wonderful idea and a great oppurtinity for everyone to enrich their knowledge and meet different people from all over Europe."
Alexandra Delcea, student in Paris


Volonteers / Update Journalism

On February 1st, 12 volonteers coordinated by the ACC began their work at 11 Danish folk high schools. They are supposed to work on the project Youth2002/Update Journalism.

During six months our volonteers are going to read and "scan" the papers of Europe and to investigate how the debate about the future of Europe is taken in the different countries, languages, regions etc. The articles found are translated into english in short summaries. This is a little difficult to explain so please find it from the www.youth2002.org, click one of the puzzles on top, "update journalism". You will realize, that we are short of editors from many language areas, including the Germanophone part of Europe!! If there are some out there who like to read particular papers, and would do this on a regular and volontary basis searching for Europe/EU future related topics, please let us hear from you.

The volonteers are taking part in an intro-course from February 11th-22nd at Vallekilde Hojskole. This is why the Youth2002 Update Journalism section will be fully functioning only from February 22nd.

The Youth2002/Update journalism volunteers are also going to be part of the staff of the 13 folk high schools cooperating in the Youth2002 project. The volunteers are going to help in the preparation and in the carrying through of the Youth2002-event.

As usual, the endeavour of the ACC is to contribute to the development of a European public and permanent debate about the issues which are common for Europe -as a minimum....



The Youth2002 project in itself is proceeding steadily. Your humble chairman is employed with the main task of recruiting and coordinating the project. Many of you have contributed to making Europe familiar with this next key event in the European youth and educational sphere. We have more than 1000 applications already, so thank you very much for helping and for explaining the different political forums about the aim of it all.



The concrete result of the Schools for Europe Community College has been mentioned above already. You can get an impression about the very CC at the website as the photos have just been uploaded, www.acc.eu.org/secc



I am sorry to announce that for now we will have to cancel the Macedonia Community College / Seminar on Women's Issues in Macedonia.

Since the end of December and throughout January, Mjellma Mehmeti (organizer) has made tremendous efforts to keep the activities going on, to make sure the lecturers are informed about the developments in Macedonia and to let know any time things changed in better, but unfortunately most of the times when things got worse.

This is a very well worked out activity and ESE's (main organizer) next intention is to try to cooperate through networks of friends from the region, through the ACC chapters and contacts anywhere in Europe, in order to complete this activity and bring out the expected results from our joined work. This will take a lot of time, energy and patience, but on the other hand it will be a great pity if we can not make such an interesting event a reality.


Ruben Marcos

During the automn Ruben Marcos has been volunteering in the ACC office. Ruben has mainly been doing the communication in the ACC International Programme Office and did this job very good as many of you will know. It is
also due to Ruben, that the volunteers are now at the 12 folk high schools in Denmark. There is a lot of communication and administration to do, when preparing such a project. Thank you for everything you did for the ACC, Ruben!



August: Larissa Kus (EE) and Monica-Anamaria Zarna (RO) taking part in the Kurs Europa, Kassel (DE):

25. august, ACC General Assembly, Budapest (HU)

August : John Petersen speaking about the ACC, Højskolen Østersøen, Aabenraa (DK)

4 - 9. september: Jeppe Linnet (DK) at the "Training Seminar for Young Social Scientists" , EYC Budapest (HU)

9. - 10. september: Mjellma Mehmeti (MK) attending the "Conference for the Consultation of European NGO´s on the Memorandum on Lifelong Learning" (FR).

13. september: ACC board meeting, Peoplesite

13. september: Eugenijus Barzdzius (LT) visiting ACC International Programme Office.

18. september: Youth 2002 boardmeeting, Elly Andersen/John Petersen (DK)

19. september: John Petersen speaking in Landstingssalen (Danish Parliament): "Community Colleges for Europe -for a permanent public dialogue in Europe" (DK)

21. september, John Petersen AWE-DK board meeting in Copenhagen (DK)

4. oktober: Youth 2002 board meeting, Copenhagen, Elly Andersen/John Petersen (DK)

8. oktober: Rubén Marcos (ES) presenting the ACC to the EVS volunteers at Vallekilde Højskole (DK).

8 - 10. oktober: Youth 2002 seminar in Copenhagen and Brussels. (DK/BE)

21.oktober - 1. november: Ágota Illyés (RO/HU) at the "Training for Trainers" course, EYC Budapest (HU)

23. oktober: Youth 2002 board meeting, Aabenraa (DK), Elly Andersen/John Petersen (DK)

5. november: Release of the AWE Journal with the title Transylvania Community College (HU/RO)

8. november: John Petersen and Siebren de Boer (NL) presenting the Youth2002 at the DPPE-EFA (Democratic Party of the People´s of Europe - European Free Alliance) General Assembly, Brussels (BE)

15. november: Youth 2002 board meeting, Copenhagen, Elly Andersen/John Petersen (DK)

30. november: End of Ruben Marcos´ (ES) volunteering

5. december: ACC board chat meeting, www.acc.eu.org

6. december: Youth 2002 seminar, Ask Højskole (DK)

27.december - 3. januar: Schools for Europe Community College, Højskolen Østersøen (DK)

30. december: ACC board meeting, Aabenraa (DK)

31. december: Release of the Act on European Community Colleges


ACC Italy Committee, more preparatory meetings (IT)

24. january: Youth2002 board meeting, Ask (DK)

24. - 25. january: Youth2002 Seminar, Ask Højskole (DK)

1. february: Youth 2002 board meeting (DK)

1.- 2. february: 12 ACC/Youth2002 volunteers beginning and arriving to 10 Danish folk high schools + the IUC-Europe and beginning the Youth update journalism (DK)


Our very best regards,

ACC International Programme Office
Flensborgvej 48, A6
DK-6200 Aabenraa
+45 2425 3068
+45 7363 0043

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