Bulletin no. 36 - January 1st, 2002

"Act on European Community Colleges"

We, who attended the Schools for Europe Community College, organised by the Association for Community Colleges (ACC), meeting in Aabenraa (Denmark), 27th December 2001 to 2nd January 2002, discussed the present situation of non-formal adult education in the context of Europe.

ACC, as you may know, is an NGO promoting a debate on common European issues by the means of establishing Community Colleges all over Europe.

Crucial point in our meeting has been discussing a possible Decision of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, which recognises that there can be a supplementary way of organising non-formal adult education in Europe. At the moment, the European Parliament and the Council of European Union cannot, technically, approve this Decision, because it is in opposition to Article 149 of the Treaty of Amsterdam. According to this Article, only the Member States are responsible for education in their own state: this is an obstacle to the realisation of a common educational system for the whole of Europe.

We would like to share our reflections with you. Therefore, we send you the "Act on European Community Colleges", which we believe could be of interest to you. We seak feedback on this document and collaboration on this crucial issue. We would also encourage you to share this with other people or organisations, which may be interested in it.

Comments are welcomed at office@acc.eu.org

We would like your wishes to come true in the New Year.

May this happen to all of us.

Happy New Year!


Andrzej Pater, Warzaw,
Anna Nielsen, Ølstykke,
Bernard Borg, Birkirkara,
Dainis Lasmanis, Riga,
Eva Valvo, Pisa,
Helena Soares Silva, Espinho,
Jan-Christoph Napierski, Haan,
John Petersen, Aabenraa,
Klara Tjernberg, Linköping,
Levente Geczi, Brasov,
Linda Jakobsone, Riga,
Ljupco Efremov, Kratovo,
Marzia Pistolesi, Ponsacco,
Mjellma Mehmeti, Skopje,
Orsolya Arros, Odorheiu,
Peter Ciaccio, Rome,
Rebeca Pavon de Paz, Collado Villalba,
Sandra Salmina, Riga,
Siebren de Boer, Ljouwert,
Silvia Cardi, Pisa.

* TREATY ESTABLISHING THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, Article 149.1: "The Community shall contribute to the development of quality education by encouraging cooperation between Member States and, if necessary, by supporting and supplementing their action, while fully respecting the responsibility of the Member States for the content of teaching and the organisation of education systems and their cultural and linguistic diversity."

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