Bulletin no. 35 - October 22nd, 2001

ACC Bulletin no. 35
October 22th, 2001
ACC International programme office

Youth 2002

With this, the release of the Youth 2002 project. Please remark that the project is open for applications already at http://www.youth2002.org

1000 young people at Danish folk high schools set the agenda for our future Europe
The Danish EU-presidency is assisted by European youth.

As the Danish Prime Minister on July 1st, 2002, takes over the EU presidency, 1000 young people from all over Europe will gather in Copenhagen to mark the event. From Copenhagen they will disperse on 13 different Danish folk high schools where the following 2 weeks will be devoted to offer their common suggestion of the Europe that once will be theirs. They are - among other things - to draw up a joint proposal to a European constitution, which will be handed over to the Danish Presidency.

Youth 2002 will set the agenda without violent confrontation
The youth project is called Youth 2002 and the collaborators are a number of Danish folk high schools and different organisations related to youth projects both in Denmark and in Europe. YOUTH 2002 is a post Genoa project which aims to bring young opponents of street politics together to replace violent confrontation with the means of conversation, debate and engagement in order to reach a long term vision for future Europe. YOUTH 2002 will participate actively in setting an agenda based on the dreams and visions of the youth for the Europe that they are living in.

The folk high school - a democratic place for learning
Seen in the light of the riots in Gothenburg and Genoa as well as the fear brought to us after the terrorist acts in the USA, democratic debate across borders is now more necessary than ever. We must find new ways to live together peacefully and fruitfully despite national, cultural and linguistic differences.

With their unique environment for learning the folk high schools have played a central part in the development of democracy in Denmark. Under the present circumstances, the Danish folk high schools can contribute to the staging of a debate on the balance between international issues in a European context - at state, population and individual level.

By getting involved in YOUTH 2002 the folk high schools involved have clearly announced their wish to actively contribute to the future of Europe. The long folk high school tradition of freedom to be different, of establishing a space for spirit and mind to meet in creative urge and community is now lifted out in a European context. The project aims to visualise the Danish folk high school in the debate on Europe. This happens through new and interesting co-operation between Danish and European organisations with the purpose of developing a European youth policy and a European permanent and public debate.

The European constitution is made by the youth of Europe
The overall theme of the project is the debate in Europe on a European constitution. In Denmark, as well as in other European countries, a European constitution is typically discussed by a well-educated elite within state and language boundaries. YOUTH 2002 wish to make the debate on the future of Europe a common one for all of Europe, based on the fact that the youth generation, which will be taking over soon, is much more open-minded in both thoughts and actions than the political actors of the present. This is why the European youth must be heard. The folk high schools are now handing them the possibility. At two weeks' courses in July 2002, 1000 young Europeans staying at 13 folk high schools will draw up a common proposal to a European constitution to be handed over to the EU presidency in Copenhagen.

A virtual Parliament
YOUTH 2002 is establishing a virtual European Parliament - an internet panel - which will provide the 1000 young people with the possibility of seeking information and insight, discussing and not least getting to know each other and establishing networks beyond YOUTH 2002.

Political attention
Political decision-makers around Europe have noticed YOUTH 2002. The project is supported by the Danish Government as well as by a large number of members of the Danish Parliament "The Folketing", just as the project has received support from members of the European Parliament and financial support from the EU-commission.

YOUTH 2002 is co-operating with a number of European organisations, the Danish Board of EU-information as well as the offices of the European Parliament and the European Commission in Denmark.
Behind YOUTH 2002 are the following folk high schools and organisations
Ask Folk High School, tel. +45 8692 7195 (director Henrik Høyer).
Askov Folk High School, tel. +45 7696 1800 (director Henning Dochweiler).
Brandbjerg Folk High School, tel. +45 7587 1500 (director Asbjørn Lyby).
The International Folk High School, tel. +45 4921 3361 (director Kristof K. Kristiansen),
Egmont Folk High School, tel. +45 8781 7900 (director Ole Lauth).
Esbjerg Folk High School, tel. +45 7913 7400 (director Kim Mortensen),
Østersøen Folk High School, tel. +45 7462 4700 (director Knud-Erik Therkelsen).
Snoghøj IT-Folk High School, tel. +45 7624 1530 (director Hans Vodsgaard).
Ry Folk High School, tel. +45 8689 1888 (director Henrik Kidmose).
Rønshoved Folk high School, tel. +45 7460 8318 (director Thue Damgaard Kjærhuus).
Skælskør Folk High School, tel. +45 5819 6480 (director Birgitte Hansen).
Oure Sports Folk high School, tel. +45 6238 3838 (project manager Kennie Katborg).
IUC-Europe, Svendborg, tel. +45 6221 6892 (head of office Kirsten Stribley).
New Europe, tel.: +45 8625 1597 (secretary-general Søren Winther Lundby),
Association for Community Colleges, tel. +45 2425 3068 (chairman John Petersen).
Danish Youth Council, tel. +45 3929 8888 (chairman of the board Rasmus Hylleberg).
The Association of Danish Folk High Schools, tel. +45 3313 9822 (secretary-general Kim Hjerrild).

The undersigned are available for further information, just as you are welcome to contact the schools and organisations involved.


Asbjørn Lyby (chairman)
Director of Brandbjerg Folk High School
Tel. +45 7587 1500 - cellular +45 4045 9820
E-mail: alyby@mail.tele.dk

Nina Nørgarrd (vice chairman)
Chairman of the board of IUC-Europe
Tel. +45 3253 3618 - cellular +45 2620 1105
E-mail: ninanorgaard@hotmail.com

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