Bulletin no. 25- December 23rd, 2000

Final Editorial Conference of the magazine "Das Haus La Maison The House"
Support to the East West project
Danish and Greek version of the short description
ACC Leaflets
Julian reporting from Brasov, Grundtvig book issued in Romania
Calendar & visits of the ACC
Participation and Citizenship-courses-invitation



We have carried through another community college course with success. The dream team of the Final Editorial Conference (FEC) consisted of 21 participants from states all over Europe. Ieva Astahovska was the editor-in-chief of the issue (Riga) and Vladimir Rajovic (Belgrade/Mitrovica) was technical editor. Hard working Ieva and Vladimir, together with the rest of us, proved once again the unique idea of assembling round a topio of common interest of all Europeans in a non-formal, a non-governmental and a boarding school context. The topic of the 26th issue was and is (of course): Schools for Europe There is reason to thank Ieva Astahovska and the Klubs Maja in Riga especially for cooperating on the project. Also the cooperation with the Passauer office of "The House" has been without troubles. As you know, we were lodged at Ryslinge Hoejskole at Fuenen, DK. There were also a socalled worldclass present at the school, consisting of 18 students from all over the world. We had more programme points in common with the worldclass just as we interviewed them for the magazine asking them about their opinion on the European integration. This was very interesting, because the interpretation of this process had some new angles when seen from Africa or Asia for example. There were about 60 Danish students present at the school as well. The stay at Ryslinge was very pleasant, and we could very well continue working together with the Ryslinge Hoejskole. The layout part of the magazine is not quite finshed though, and especially Ieva will be working on it in the near future and probably together with the NIMS printing house in Riga, Latvia. The speed of the process depends on a positive answer from the Danish Lottery Funds. They are expected to -and we have an oral confirmation- support the printing of the magazine. I expect an answer soon, and I hope we can print the magazine in january. The magazine with the theme "Schools for Europe" will have a section dealing with non-formal education, one with formal education, one culture section, one called "voices of Europe" and an interview as the first with the president of AWE (Association for World Education) Ove Korsgård.

The joint ACC and Peoplesite chat was carried out on Nov. 23rd.
Peoplesite-editor, Jesper Nielsen wrote: "The chat had a record number of participants, over 20 people took part: Both Former Minority Course participants and Association for Community Colleges members. The subject of the Final Editorial Conference held at the moment in Denmark editing the magazine "Das Haus La Maison The House" was touched upon, but with so many participants it was difficult to stay on that subject. An edited version of the chat-text is available on Peoplesite [www.people.hojoster.dk] on the "Various texts and comments section".

6-7 new members of the ACC were recruited at the FEC!



The exchange programme, East West project, will be supported through the EU Youth programme. We expect it to be supported parallel in Riga, also by the Youth programme.


Greek / Danish uploads

A Danish and a Greek version of the short description of the ACC has been uploaded to the website. Thanks to Maria Bakari for doing the greek translation.


ACC Leaflets

The information leaflets produced during the "Campaigning for Community Colleges" have been printed finally. Sandra Salmina has been the contact to the NIMS printing house in Riga, so thank you Sandra. If you want to promote the ACC, whereever you are, you can have some leaflets sent. Would you like some? *


Julian Reporting

Included in the "Festival of your chances" more events took place at the Public Libarary at Brasov (RO). 40 citizens participated for the first time in a debate about non-formal education. The debate followed the launching of a book about the educator N.F.S.Grundtvig. Julian Catalui wrote a report to the magazine Obiectiv. Find it in a rapid english translation here: http://www.acc.eu.org/Romanian_Danish.htm


Calendar and visits

18/11 Mjellma Mehmeti interviewing Ove Korsgaard in Vartov, Copenhagen
10-16/11 Julians Cataluis article in Obiectiv, Brasov
18/11 John Petersen, Ieva Astahovska, Mjellma Mehmeti meeting, Ryslinge, DK
19-26/11 FEC
23/11 The joint ACC and Peoplesite chat
15-16/12 Meetings concerning the Bellagio project and the Bitola summer conference on women's issues, Skopje and Mavrovo



Interested in a course on "Participation and Citizenship - A training course on empowerment of minority youth in Europe"? Check the following links sent to us from the European Youth Center Budapest:
English: http://www.coe.fr/youth/english/EYC/Programme2001/TCs2001/TCPCENG.htm
in French: http://www.coe.fr/youth/french/EYC/programme2001/TCs2001/TCPCFR.htm
in Russian: accessible from both French and English files above.



ACC International programme office

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