Danish Minister of Culture allows for transnational courses at Højskolen Østersøen
[27.04.12] Danish Culture Minister Elbæk has given Højskolen Østersøen a great chance. A dispensation paves the way for courses of more transnational character.

Most of ACC Bulletin readers are probably familiar with the Danish Act on Folk High Schools and the state subsidies that follow Folk High School courses. The detailed regulations say that 50% of courses’ participants must be Danish citizens in order to be state subsidized. The provision makes it impossible to organize transnational courses.

Højskolen Østersøen has been allowed to deviate from this particular provision in a three years test period. Up to two thirds of course participants can now be non-Danish citizens, explains the website of the Danish Ministry of Culture .

Højskolen Østersøens revitalizes its European courses

According to Højskolen Østersøen's website the dispensation is going to be used to revitalize the school's European courses.

Højskolen Østersøen seems to focus on intercultural meetings and methodology issues. However, the mixed European presence will unavoidably lead to transnational dialogue on challenges of our time, believes the ACC.


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