Lucie ČŪěkovŠ is new vice-president of AWE
[30.10.10] Association for World Educationís Council gathered in Elsinore Thursday. Lucie ČŪěkovŠ was elected new vice-president. Lucie represented the ACC as board member.

From October 21st to 23rd the AWE International Council met at the International Peopleís College in Elsinore (DK). As a member of the AWE, Association for Community Colleges (ACC) took part and was represented by Lucie ČŪěkovŠ and John Petersen. Lucie was elected vice-president.

ďAWE is a forum where ACC gets a chance to remind like-minded individuals and organizations that education can and should reach beyond borders,Ē declares Lucie and continues:
ďAWE and ACC have a lot in common and I look forward to mutually inspire and be inspired.Ē

AWE stands for World Education, and ACC stands for European education. The common ground is the transnational perspective. Moreover, AWE and ACC find common inspiration in the Nordic residential folk high school format.

There are seven vice-presidents of AWE. The vice-presidents together cover the whole world. The vice-presidents function as sparring partners of the AWE president Jakob Erle.


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