It takes media to make a European public sphere concrete
[08.10.10] Education is required to shape it and language to follow it, but it takes media to maintain a European public sphere. This concludes "Europeans Knowing Europe".

“Let’s make it concrete” was the call to the participants of the Grundtvig Workshop in Sārnate, Latvia, end of June 2010. And so they did.

One of the ambitions of this latest ACC workshop was to try to find concrete solutions to concrete obstacles. This was instead of getting stuck in abstractions when speaking about a European public sphere.

A targeted magazine

The focus was media. And certainly there were loads of frustrations aired as to why the Europeans don’t have common media.

However, after the workshop it has been possible to issue a draft concept description for a European magazine. The description is meant to inspire and to surmount at least some of the hindrances.

Latvian midsummer a perfect frame

There were 25 participants from all over Europe in Sārnate. The splendid Latvian midsummer and country landscapes were perfect frames for in depth conversations about Europe and its (lack of) common media.

"Europeans Knowing Europe" was organized as a Community College on Europe and Media within the common, non-formal, and boarding school format of ACC workshops. In so far, the course was in itself a European public sphere en miniature. The workshop was arranged by the "ACC Tautskolas Eiropai".


Photo © European Communities

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