A decade in photos
[13.08.10] More than ten years of smiling, presenting, wondering and a lot more is now on Flickr, since photos from ACCs European Community Colleges have been moved.

Since 1999 the ACC has promoted the Nordic Folk High School format as a possible lever for European education and a European public sphere. European Community Colleges have been functioning as showcases. It is the showcases that are now getting a second life in pictures.

Whomever want to join in telling that it is possible to create a European public sphere by means of European residential schools does now have an easier task.

The pictures are not necessarily professional, even if many are printable in a good quality. However, they are real and they report on European Community Colleges in - so far - Denmark, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. The pictures are taken by participants of the European Community Colleges.


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