Elderly people are resource for a European public sphere
[24.03.10] They have the time, they have experience, they don’t need to think of careers and exams, and they remember the background to why the EU united. And well, they can often afford to spend money on a European community college course.

These were considerations, when ACC first time thought of organizing community college courses for elderly people. With the small scale community college course in Amayuelas de Abajo in Spain, it has been proven that the considerations were not that wrong off. 30 elderly people were together one week in December discussing country side life in the past, present and future.

“You can say that we believe in widening the mental horizon,” says co-organizer Conchi Gallego from Madrid and continues:
“Most Europeans are used to share experiences, stories and to talk about challenges only with their own countrymen. We would like this to change. The only thing we did different this time was to bring elderly Europeans together, while usually we have brought together younger people.”

Depopulation and agricultural industrialization were some of the concerns shared by the elderly Europeans. The concerns are documented in the video report that was released today.

“I feel certain that our course participants from Spain will refer to experiences of our Danish and Latvian participants, when they discuss country side life in the future. And vice versa,” explains Conchi Gallego on how the course is one small building brick in creating a European public sphere.

The ACC Tautskolas Eiropai and Linda Jakobsone were the driving forces of the course in Spain. The ACC foresees more community college courses for elderly people in the future.

Read the article: Video report released: Elderly Europeans’ Community College.


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