A demand would stimulate the Green Paperís learning mobility
[23.12.09] Whatever skill, knowledge or competence that is brought home from a learning occasion abroad, it must meet a demand. The learning occasions are simply less motivating, if this is not the case.

That is the core of the contribution that is delivered by the ACC to the EU-Commission within its public consultation on the Green Paper on the mobility of young people.

The ACC points in particular at the kind of demands that can only be driven by the common will (i.e. politics) and be mediated by politicians and political parties. The ACC has no experience with learning events driven by the market place.

Europe is like the moon

ďImagine if a person becomes an expert on the moonís surface issues, and if her knowledge can only be used on spot. It will be a problem to her, as there are no job openings on the moon,Ē explains ACC chairman John Petersen.

According to ACC, being prepared for the moon resembles sometimes being prepared for an ever closer union of Europeans.

The ACC stresses in this context that an army of youth and other organizations out there make events and give young people the impression that common issues are better dealt with in common. However, when learners or organizers return home, they often have to face that there are no European forums, platforms, media, libraries, political parties, civil society organizations or et cetera. They will have to forget what they learned at their European learning occasion.

By contributing to the consultation in this way, the ACC addresses the lack of a European public sphere and concretely suggest reopening the debate on a European Association Statute.

Photo: EU-Commissioner JŠn Figel opening up a debate on how best to boost the opportunities for young people in Europe to develop their knowledge and skills by going abroad. July 8th 2009 © European Communities.


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