First course for elderly Europeans begins today
[05.12.09] ACC Tautskolas Eiropai has invited thirty elderly Europeans to participate in a one week Community College Course in Spain. The course begins today.

Thirty elderly Europeans are expected to arrive around midnight to Amayuelas de Abajo in Palencia, Spain. They will take part in the first European Community College Course organized for elderly people.

The course carries the title Rural Europe Before and Beyond the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It aims to bring together participants to share experiences on the history of Europe – seen in particular from the perspective of rural communities.

The fall of the Berlin Wall is a pivotal point of modern European history. The course participants’ experiences from before, during and after that point will be shared through the course. As a result, a composition of life stories will be encompassed in and multiplied by the help of a DVD.

Next generation course participants might be parents

Thirty elderly Europeans attending a residential seminar in Spain is unusual. YOUTH and ERASMUS programmes have favorised young people’s meetings, studies and intercultural exchanges for many years, while older people have never been offered the same opportunities. However, in this case it is possible due to the “Europe for Citizens”-programme of the EU-Commission.

It has been a dream of the ACC in years, to be able to organize colleges for older people as well. The ambition has even had a title for a while, as internally is spoken of the Parents Community College. Parents Community Colleges will focus on parents of participants that have taken part in ACC courses up until now.

The ACC Tautskolas Eiropai that is registered in Riga is the main organizer of the course in Amayuelas, Spain.


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