Learning mobility for all
[10.07.09] Learning mobility should be for all young people and not just for the few, according to the EU member states. The EU Commission has opened a public consultation on further learning mobility opportunities.

The Council of the EU that is the member states, concluded last November that “every young person should have the opportunity to take part in some form of mobility”, whether this be in the context of studies, training, work or voluntary activities.

On this background the EU Commission has now issued a so-called Green Paper that invites to a larger debate about future learning mobility programmes.

Only around 0,3% of the 16-29 year olds in EU have benefited from EU mobility programmes. Students are via the ERASMUS programme better represented with between 1 and 2%.

Learning mobility serves EU’s competitiveness

Mobility learning programmes boost young people’s employability by developing their knowledge and skills, explained the EU-Commission when it published the Green Paper on July 8th.
Learning programmes do as well further organizations’ ability to compete and innovate, explained EU’s Education Commissioner Jan Figel.

Ressource: Green Paper including the calls for public consultations.

Photo © European Communities


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