The European Ombudsman has admitted TCC complaint handed in by the ACC
[06.07.09] ACC has complained to the EU Ombudsman about the reimbursement claims of the EU-Commissionís EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) in relation to the Transylvania Community College (TCC) 2003. The complaint has been admitted.

The complaint of the ACC concerns more issues. Most importantly, ACC finds that it has not been informed why there is a reimbursement claim altogether.

A sample audit carried out by an external auditor on the initiative and expense of the EU-Commission seemed to conclude the opposite of what the EACEA concludes. As far as ACC reads the auditor, the balance is in ACCís favor. It was the different reading of the audit report that finally triggered ACCís complaint.

The difference between the reimbursement claim and the due amount is around 5000Ä. The difference and henceforth the Ombudsmanís conclusion is enough to be decisive for the ACCís economy.

The Ombudsmanís decision is normally made within one year of the complaint. The complaint was handed in primo 2009.

Photo: EU Ombudsman P.Nikiforos Diamandouros © European Communities


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