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ACC Annual 2006-7 issued
German President Köhler: “Go to European Community Colleges”
AWE-Seminar at Vallekilde Communications College (DK) by Liudmila Blinova
Invitations received

Annual 2006-7 issued

The annual has been released in an electronical version. Please download by yourself, as this year we cannot cover the costs for forwarding paper-versions. This time covering:

Activities & Projects:
Active Citizenship Community College (ACCC)
Schools for Europe Community College III & Co-citizenship.eu (SECC III)
Dreams for the Future Community College (Dreams CC)

Lobby & Politics:
Face-to-face meetings remain crucial
A Challenge for European Society
Evaluation conference: European Year of Citizenship through education
Bundespräsident Köhler: “Go to European Community Colleges!”
Europe for Citizens Forum
European Civil Society Forum in Bergamo

General Assembly 2006 &
a letter to the members
AWE-Seminar at Vallekilde Communications College
ACC Board and staff 2006/7
Confirmed members 2006/7
The Future

German President Köhler: “Go to European Community Colleges”

FEBRUARY 2007: The presidents Napolitano (I) and Köhler (D) met students in Tübingen for a conversation last Saturday. The students suggested European Community Colleges among instruments, when they outlined their vision for EU 2015.

The encouragement by President Köhler came in a common conversation with the Tübinger-students. President Köhlers remark gave ACC-member Christian Schwartz an opportunity to elaborate further on the concept of European Community Colleges.

Christian made it clear that such schools do in fact only exist as pilot-projects, when he addressed the presidents:

“I wish you would carry the idea further, and that the possibility to meet would not only exist as pilot-projects. Rather the EU should gain the autonomy also to provide for financing to make possible that such schools are eventually founded”.

Both presidents were in particular interested in the ways how to get to the students visions for a more democratic EU in 2015. President Köhler stressed in the context:
“I found it good, when you let European Community Colleges play a role as well.”

President Napolitano brought to the debate his own considerations, and among the Instrumentarium he called for, was as well a common European TV-channel to serve a true European information policy, that again should serve the development of a European public sphere.

All in all, thoughts were very much in line with the consideration, that the audience and the Instrumentarium are two sides the same coin: without a European audience no European TV-channel, and without a European TV-channel no European audience.

Access to the complete session.

1:15 Napolitano opens the issue European public sphere
1:18 Köhler brings European Community Colleges into focus, leading to Christians intervention ending 1:20
What Köhler refer to is the small sketch by the students (32:00ff)


AWE-Seminar at Vallekilde Communications College by Liudmila Blinova

As a messenger of ACC I had a chance to participate in AWE NGO Council Meeting which took place at Vallekilde Højskole / Vallekilde Communications College, Denmark, on May 2nd-6th 2007.

ACC was represented by two members, me and Ali Özyiðit from Turkey. John Petersen was of course there as he is as well a member of AWE board, Danish Chapter, and Kerttu Lohmus was there one day as an IT-consultant of the AWE.

The basic idea of being in Vallekilde at AWE Council was to represent ACC ideas and activities to AWE international chapters from all over the world and to meet each other. Such an event takes place only once in 3 years. This time people, who were mainly educators, came from all inhabited continents of the world – except Australia. The host side was the Danish AWE Chapter, which at this moment is the Secretariat for all AWE chapters.

We gathered above all scheduled activities within this college to discuss vital issues for required changes within the organisation and its function, to elect a new AWE-president and to invite new members. ACC, as an NGO associated with AWE, was kindly invited to take part in it ...

Please find this www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/2304.asp report in its full length in the annual.


Invitations received

A few invitations are available. The latest is:

Yource 2007-conference, Copenhagen, Web 2.0 Open Source in Youth Work and Volunteering, Denmark, 9th - 14th October 2007



12/12/06 AWE Board Meeting, Odense (DK)
28-30/12/06 Erik Jentges & Emma Yeoman in office, informal board meeting
9/2/07 Christian Schwartz presents European Community Colleges for German and Italian presidents Köhler and Napolitano, Tübingen (DE)
18/2/07 Malene and Perrine in office
22-25/2/07 Meetings in Thessaloniki, Andreas Chatzipantelis, John Petersen & Mjellma Mehmeti (GR)
15/3/07 Linda Jakobsone, Naomi Woltring, John Petersen, Mjellma Mehmeti & Helena Soares meeting in Brussels (BE)
24/3-1/4/07 Presentation of ACC by Georgieva Zdravka during Sailors on Citizenship, Hamburg (DE)
29/3/07 EUCIS General Assembly, Brussels (BE)
2-6/5/07 Ali Ozyigit, Liudmila Blinova & John Petersen representing the ACC at the AWE World Council, Vallekilde (DK)
19/5/07 Rites Tautskola General Assembly, Rite (LV). Linda Jakobsone & John Petersen
4-8/7/07 Laetitia Monfort & Ali Ozyigit representing ACC at the Follow-up Conference of the Regional EuroMed UNESCO Youth Forum, Wroclaw (PL)

With this a warm welcome to our new members:

Nazan Turan, Mus
Audrone Anusauskiene, Alytaus R.
Lorenzo Daniele, Padova
Petra Cvek, Skofja Loka
Kristina Slana, Ljubljana


On behalf of the ACC,
John Petersen

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