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European Stakeholders' Forum
Citizens´Agora on Climate Change
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European Stakeholders' Forum

EUCIS – LLL and the Education and Culture General Directorate of the European Commission organised a European stakeholders' forum on the future of EU-co-operation in eduation and training. The Forum took place on 20 May 2008, and Jørgen Olsen represented the ACC.

Jørgen Olsen reports about debates on concepts like innovation, citizenship and the like that tended to drown in abstractism. However, the following messages were potentially interesting:

- The commission (Odile Quintin) will arrange an annual Shakeholders’ Forum
- For the first time in history the European Education Ministers this year agreed a common approach to future activities. This might mean less monopoly for national NGO’s and national authorities. The Commission plans to propose an updated strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training. The framework is planned for December 2008.

The conclusions of the Forum are available here.


Citizens' Agora on Climate Change

"Please, we should add non-formal learning to the recommendations," stressed Leticia Monfort-Piero a number of times during the European Parliament's Citizens' Agora on Climate Change.

The Agora took place in Brussels on June 12th - 13th and Leticia represented the ACC. Leticia continued to explain to the 500 NGO-representatives gathered that recommending "the non-formal approach would include the kind of learning that is known from the Scandinavian format of Folk High Schools."

The final document and recommendation from the Citizen's Agora to the European Parliament says now:"Effective education on climate change should extend to all forms of learning, formal and non-formal, lifelong learning and vocational training." The final text is here.

Leticias main intervention is at 0.18:32-0.22:10 and the crucial one is at 2.27:47
It is available here.


General Assembly 2008

Please find the call for the General Assembly 2008 at the website.


Invitations received:

Unfortunately our common mailbox is out of order. If you are interested, I can forward the invitations received per e-mail.


20/5 Jørgen Olsen at the European Stakeholders' Forum in Brussels
12-13/6 Leticia Monfort at the Citizen's Agora in Brussels.


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