ACC Bulletin No. 59
June 25th 2004
ACC International Programme Office

Transylvania Community College (TCC) on European TV
Rites Tautskola registered on April 1st. and GA May 22nd
Invitations received
New members


TCC on European TV

It is a pleasure to announce that the Transylvania Community College 2003 documentary (31 minutes) will be transmitted by the Europe by Satellite (EbS) channel.

21.00 Monday (28.06.2004)
05.00 Tuesday
08.30 Saturday

The documentary can also be downloaded from http://europa.eu.int/comm/ebs/schedule.cfm (after the transmission only) together with a brief summary.

The EbS is like a fair for TV-channels all over Europe, so we expect the "Community College" format to get extra attention by being broadcasted from different channels all over Europe in near future.

To those of ACC Bulletin readers interested in common European Education within the Community College format, please use the opportunity to make your local TV-stations aware of the transmission from EbS.

When ACC is working for the development of a European public sphere and when the main idea of the ACC is that a unique way of promoting this objective is through establishing Community Colleges on a common European level, we hope one more time to have proved how to make sense of the European integration process.

By regularly establishing trans-national debates about issues of common character we see our practice expressed in the EU-Commissions communication on future education programmes as "CITIZENSHIP IN ACTION".


Rites Tautskola

Rites Tautskola ("Rite Folk High School/Rite Community College") was finally approved as an NGO in Latvia on April 1st 2004. Please cf. the ACC Bulletin 52 (http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/2061.asp) to see the preparatory work that finally found its legal frame by this approval.

Rites Tautskola had its first ordinary General Assembly on May 22nd. Minutes are available at the ACC International Programme Office.


Invitations received (find it at the website):

International Student Camp (Zabinki 18-27.8.)
Tradition and future (Istanbul 1-15.8.)
Towards the within (Ukraine 4-12/9)
UNESCO Camps 13-24/7, 10-21/8, 18-28/8, 7-18/9 (Korea)
Arts no Arms (Kosovo, 1-15/8)
"Animators"-introduction... (Klaipeda, 20-26/9)
Relic (Berlin 6-15/7)
International Summer Week (Sardinia, Cagliari, 4-11/8)



May 22nd: Inese Ardone, Sandra Salmina, Linda Jakobsone and John Petersen representing ACC at the Rites Tautskola General Assembly (even more members were present).
May 27th, Cornwall Committee meeting
June 4th-6th Working group meeting /ACC board meeting Trieste/Dutovlje/Pliskovica
June 8th-16th, Erik Jentges presenting ACC in China
June 24th, Challenges of Enlargment Community College presented for locals media/public in Opicina (I)
June 24th-25th, ACC Italy Committee meeting.


A warm welcome to our new members:

Barbara Dietsche, Egelsbach
Liridon Shurdhani, Gjilan
Javier Gallo Fontanillas, Valladolid
Marchien Kuijken, Utrecht
Mikkel Freltoft Krogsholm
Angie Praom, Chaudenay
Joe Lavalie, Conakry-Rep of Guinea

Our best regards,
John Petersen

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