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April 20th 2004
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Challenges of Enlargement Community College - open for applications
Transylvania Community College 2003 - multiplying by video
First European Community College - conclusions on validation
Association for World Education
Like rings in the water
Invitations received
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Challenges of Enlargement Community College

Our concept is the well known: (1) there are European issues on the agenda, (2) we debate among Europeans in stead of among nationals, (3) and we meet within the residential format of the European Community Colleges - learning and living together makes the difference! The material result (4) is sometimes a report, sometimes a TV-production, sometimes a publication but always a contribution to the development of a European public sphere.

The Challenges of Enlargement Community College (CECC) will be carried out from 23rd July to 7th August. This two-week community college is for 40 Europeans and concerns the role of the accessing countries and the member states in the incoming enlarged European Union. In the summer 2004 when the CECC is taking place the enlargement will be a fact. In a rapidly transforming European Union the debates and discussions in the accessing states and the memberstates about the new shape of the EU are vivid and fervent. How can the accessing countries contribute to the enlarged EU and how can the member states help the integration process in the Union?

Particular attention will be devoted to crucial issues such as mobility on the labour market, agricultural policy, languages, security, political structure, cross-border cooperation and participation. The discussion will also deal with the role of cultures and identies in intercultural dialogue and regionalization in the definition of "15" and "25" Europe.

The project is supported by the EU-Youth, and even if we still need co-financing we dare inviting you to find the project-description, programme and APPLICATION FORM at http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/2064.asp.


Transylvania Community College 2003 - the video

The video-documentary of the Transylvania Community College 2003 is finally in the ACC Office. The video describes the 14 days Community College in Transylvania, when 55 young Europeans from all over met to make an amendment proposal to the European constitution-treaty. How should and how could less dominating population-groups ("minorities") be protected in the new treaty, was the lead question? An important question in the context of the EU-enlargement-process.

Interviewed participants describe their preferences as what solutions regard: for example that rights should be given to individuals only (equal citizens), that some rights should be given to groups only (equal identities), that this is a matter of the common (Europe), that this is a matter of the states ("they know better"), and that when children, older people and other groups are written into the constitution, then why not "minorities".

The age-old dilemma of balancing these points of view did not prevent a common document to result from the 14 days learning and living together (http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/139.asp). The video is then a documentary on how individual opinion and knowledge can transform into a common position and how the idea of learning and living together in a non-formal setting provides the atmosphere for compromises and for creating networks of permanent European debate-partners.

It is also described how this corresponds with the general vision of the ACC; to show how to create a European public sphere and to make aware that the creation of such a public sphere is a necessity.

With a little help from the video our -still- small scale European public sphere has the chance to become known and our methodology can become an inspiration for others. We are trying to make TV-channels show the video and we invite Bulletin-readers with TV-contacts to get in contact with the ACC Office in order to help dispatching the video.

The Transylvania Community College 2003 as taped on the video is European Citizenship in Action !


First European Community College (FECC)

The vision of creating a First European Community College is a long-term ambition of the ACC (http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/1381.asp).

A theme debated among members of the ACC recently is how the FECC should position itself as what valuing of learning concerns. The discussion is considered important now, since work is ongoing in EU on how to "validate" non-formal and informal learning and to "...develop a set of common principles regarding validation of non-formal and informal learning with the aim of ensuring greater comparaibility between approaches in different countries and at different levels..."

A report on points of views of members, and a conclusion on the debate is available at http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/2336.asp However, one conclusion is that there is a need to take a deeper debate, preferably to organise a Community College event ("Evaluation Strategy Framework - Schools for Europe III").


The Association for World Education (AWE)

ACC is associated with the AWE. It is time for a World Council meeting of the AWE. Members of ACC are welcome to take part as representatives. This is a quote from the AWE March 2004 Newsletter sent to the ACC Office:

International Conference in Tanzania,
September 26 - October 2, 2004
The Nordic Folk High School Council is sponsoring an international conference in Moshi, Tanzania. The goal of the conference is to recognize the role of liberal adult education in a new global context and to demonstrate the need for dialog, shared perspectives, and the development of collaborative areas for action. Among the key note speakers will be Edicio de la Torre, Vice president AWE, Dani W. Nabudere, Vice president AWE and Ove Korsgaard, president AWE.

First announcement :
AWE International Council meeting in Tanzania
The last business meeting of the AWE International Council was held in Copenhagen in April 2001. According to our by-laws, AWE has to convene an International Council Meeting every third year. Therefore we are plan-ning a business meeting in connection with the Nordic Folk High School Council International Conference in Moshi, Tanzania. We will send more information about the International Council meeting, including the agenda, as soon as possible.

Unfortunately we are not able to support participation economically.


... like rings in the water

One of our first members, Kerttu Lohmus (kl@eh.dk) has been employed at the Esbjerg Hřjskole (www.eh.dk), Denmark, to co-ordinate a follow-up project on the Youth2002. The participating group will probably consist of half Danes, half non-Danes.

A one week European exchange event with the title "Cohabitation and mutual understanding" took place recently in Bitola. According to the organiser from "Aurora", Zoran Ilievski (ACC member as well) , the Youth2002 experience in Denmark has heavily contributed to the succesful implementation of this project.


Invitations received

Find it at the website!

Please remark the possible link between the Demos Community College and the Borl invitation. Find explanation at the website.

Council of Europe Award
International Leadership Conference, Belgrade June 6th - June 14th 2004
Choosing Right? Conference (Dresden June 23rd-27th)
Borl invitation (4.-9.7., Slovenia)
Borl registration (Slovenia 4.-9.7.)
Institute of Federalism (Friburg August 29th-September 13th)
Contact Seminar (Poznan, Poland, 20th to 24th October)
Georgian language and culture studies (July 3rd - August 9th, Tbilisi)
The Istanbul Pan-Atlantic Student (Istanbul, 26-30.6.)


Reminder to around 30 members:

Please send an e-mail confirming your membership for 2004, if you did not already do it.
Your reply is a precondition for your right to vote at the General Assembly.



March 17th – 20th: “Caucasus Youth Against Racism and Related Intolerance”. ACC presented by Nadir Kamaladdinov.
March 23rd: Thore Fogh Johansen visiting the office
April 1st: Rites Tautskola officially registered in Latvia as an NGO.
April 1st-3rd: Jan-Christoph Napierski in office trying to get more names behind the FECC. JC made more politicians sympathise with the idea.
April 3rd-5th John Petersen and Mjellma Mehmeti taking part in the Youth of European Nationalities' (YEN) Easter seminar in South Schleswig, invited by our member, the president Stephan Kleinschmidt. We had a stand with PC and a video presenting the ERCC I picts and the TCC 2003 video. In particular participants were interested in the TCC groups’ constitution amendment proposal and probably want to further elaborate it.


A warm welcome to our new members:

Alf Christensen, Randers
Oana Oprescu, Targoviste
Elena Rotaru, Brussels
Kapka Mircheva, Brussels
Doga Taslardan, Copenhagen/Istanbul
Tina Teraz, Sezana
Daniela Birsa, Trieste
Damir Doroda, Rugvica-Dugo Selo
Ivana Adlešić, Zagreb
Nataša Tretinjak, Grubisno Polje

Our best regards,
John Petersen

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