ACC Bulletin No. 56
ACC International Programme Office

A new European publication has seen daylight!

Today we release the first two issues of the ACCENT Community Colleges for Europe!

It is an aim of the publisher, ACC, to work for the development of a European public sphere.

ACCENT is mean towards that end.

ACCENT will be published whenever a group of ACC-members express the need for it. The concept is that of a changing and voluntary editorial staff.

The first issue of the ACCENT is made in Tuscany. It deals with human rights issues and in particular in the context of the future EU-constitution-treaty.

The second issue of the ACCENT is made in Transylvania. As a special topic it deals with the Central and Eastern European minorities in the context of the EU enlargement.

Please find more information and a subscription form at:
www.acc.eu.org ( -Publications&Productions -ACCENT)

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John Petersen

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