ACC Bulletin No. 55
March 9th 2004
ACC International Programme Office

Preparing The Demos Community College, Rhodes (GR)
Young Perspectives on Rural Development in Europe, Jekabpils (LV)
The Bridging Community Colleges (HU)
Hristina Raycheva finalised her European Vountariat
Reminder to members
Invitations received
Welcome to new members


The preparations of a Demos Community College this October is progressing!

Are you up for co-creating a fascinating CC in Rhodes/Greece to revisit, explore Democracy by actually becoming a real Demos?
Given the unique, participatory process, the contribution all of us have to make on key-questions around active citizenship,
Europe's future, Europe's Youth and Education, Europe's gifts in this world, the local setting, history and tradition, ACC's mission,
connections and networks...this is going to be a fascinating event.

If you are both willing to take part and encourage your ACC group/broader networks/associations to take part, please just
go to the website, read more, fill in the application form and the attached partnership agreement http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/2063.asp

The DCC has no age limits built-in so far, but it is to foresee that the people over some age will have to pay for taking part.


Youth Perspective on Rural Development in Europe

The ACC Latvia has prepared a summer school at the Rites Tautskola (http://www.zednet.lv/~rta/) taking place from 18th-25th of July. The project is the result of a co-operation between the Fryske Folkshegeskoalle/Klaas Bijleveld, the ACC Office, The Rites Tautskola and ACC Latvia. Participation of young people from Fryslan (NL), Sønderjylland (DK) and Jakabpil Rajona (LV) are foreseen to be participants and to be supported by the EU-Youth. Read more at about the context of Latvias EU-accession and rural development at http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/2364.asp


The Bridging Community Colleges in November 2003

... was meant as a way for previous and new organisers of Community Colleges to meet, exchange experiences and to help each other prepare new projects. The event proved to be a huge success and we expect more BCC's to come up in the future. See the summary at http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/576.asp and more help for members setting up Community Colleges at the revised Multiplier (member secction). The report will be sent by post to members within short time.



Some interesting tendencies can be seen in the discussion (readings) between the European Commission and the European parliament preparing the "community action programme to promote bodies active at European level in the field of youth" (support to INGO's like the ACC).

It is obvious that the EP is very much aware of the impportance of the work done by INGO's. A number of aims of the EU are fulfilled by the work done within these organisations and set the scene for reasoning like "The principle of participatory democracy and the new wording of Article III-182 should be mentioned, even though the constitution has not yet been adopted. Youth organisations contribute to democratic life and the development of active citizenship in the Union as prescribed in Article 46, and encourage young people to participate in democratic life in Europe."

From the point of view of ACC (working for the development of a Europan public sphere), it is important that it has been added as main activities of the organisations subject to subsidies to "debate on European matters and EU policies or youth policies".

Interesting documents can be forwarded on request.


Hristina Raycheva is now even called Jensen !

Heavily competing the attention of the Greek elections, Hristina married Thomas this weekend and became Mrs Jensen. Congratulations, Hristina... and we miss you and your work at the office. Due to this happy reason, Hristina Raycheva/Jensen left her voluntariat at the ACC Office in the beginning of February (hristina@acc.eu.org).


Invitations received

Find it at the Members Section of the website:

Council of Europe Award (58 KB)
Youth 2004 at Højskolen Østersøen (June 27th - July 10th 2004)
Creativity Workshops in New York City and Europe (13 - 16 March 2004 New York, 9 day Summer 2004 workshop in Europe)
Multiethnic Societies a Challenge or a Reality, 25.03.2004 - 29.03.2004
Multiethnic Societies a Challenge or a Reality, 25.03.2004 - 29.03.2004
Call: How big is your world? / Europe, Youth and Globalisation Event (May 5th-9th)
Form: How big is your world? / Europe, Youth and Globalisation Event (Strasbourg May 5th-9th)
Working towards the creative society, April-July 2004 (EU-accession countries)
International Leadership Conference, Belgrade June 6th - June 14th 2004
Sport for All, Aalborg, Denmark (From March 21st + 12weeks)


Reminder to members:

Please send an e-mail confirming your membership for 2004, if you did not already do it.



December 28th–29th: Siebren de Boer visiting the ACC Office;
January 14th: ACC mentioned by Naomi Woltring in Dutch TV programme Dolce Vita, KRO channel (NL)
January 16th: John Petersen meeting Jesper Nielsen and Allan Kruse at Højskolen Østersøen, preparing article (DK)
January 16th: ACC presented in one of the biggest Bulgarian newspapers “Trud” and in a reportage on a local TV station in Varna (BG);
January 17th: ACC presented by Nataliya Nikolova on a seminar of Club Mensa and “Friends of Europe” in Varna (BG);
January 17th: John Petersen meeting the auditor Lene Albrechtsen;
January 21st: John Petersen meeting the International Committee of the Danish Folk High School Association, Odense (DK)
January 24th-27th: Rhisiart Talebot visiting the ACC Office, preparing the Cornwall Community College
January 26th: John Petersen, Jan-Christoph Napierski, prep meeting (Copenhagen, DK)
January 26th: Jan-Christoph, John Petersen, Leif Roth and Peter Bendix meeting about Køng-cooperation (Copenhagen, DK)
January 26th: Jan-Christoph and John Petersen take part in a meeting about the “global folk high school in the context of development work” organised by the Danish Folk High School Association (DK)
January 27th: John Petersen and Lene Albrechtsen (auditor) meeting about the 2003 accounts.
January 30th: – February 6th : Maria Bakari visiting the office, preparing the Demos Community College;
January 2nd: Maria Bakari and John Petersen meeting Days Like This: Toke Paludan Møller, Jan Hein Nielsen, Tim Merry.
February 11th: Perrine Martin and Joan Pedersen visiting the ACC Office.
February 8th: Naim Özgur taking part in the opening of the “Youth and Education Through Life”, Boðaziçi University-Istanbul, TURKEY. Organized by Umit Gediman, inspired by the Youth2002 (Turkey).
February 23rd: John Petersen meeting Jakob Erle + AWE-meeting Copenhagen + meeting at the Folk High School house in Copenhagen + meeting Anders Panum at the Danish Europe Movement.
March 3rd: John Petersen at the Rite meeting in Ribe (DK)
March 3rd: ACC Latvia meeting, Riga (LV)
March 4th: Jan Christoph Napierski visiting the ACC Office
March 5th: Eva Valvo, Peter Ciaccio and Angie Praom visiting the office.


A warm welcome to our new members:

Martin Bilek, Olomouc
Camilla Englyst, Frederiksberg
Katie Pye, Maidstone
Pavla Matovkova, Brno
Dimitra Chrysikopoulou, Athens
Georgi Vaklinov, Sofia
Monika Neuner, Gaibach


Our best regards

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