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November 18th, 2003
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Hungarian Prime responds to the TCC2003 - proposal
Bridging Community Colleges (BCC)
Invitations received
New members


Hungarian Prime responds...

There is now reason to congratulate the 50 participants from the Transylvania Community College 2003 on more time.

The concrete result of the TCC 2003 (Tirgu Mures, Romania, from 3rd-16th of August) was the "Modification Proposal to the Common EUropean Constitution" (downloadable here: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/1854.asp)

The project coordinators considered that the "Modification Proposal to the Common EUropean Constitution" was a valuable youth initiative that could serve as a reliable starting point in the intergovernmental negotiations at the Rome Summit this autumn. Therefore the document was sent out to the common European decision-making bodies. Hungary was targeted as a special focus, since it is widely known that the country has assumed a leading role in keeping the issue of national and ethnic minorities on the agenda of the debates on the draft European Constitution.

On the 6th of October an immediate reaction came from the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office.

The letter reads as it follows:

“(…) I am glad that young people from 12 countries, students in law and political science, are of an opinion that the issue of national and ethnic minorities deserves attention and discussion. The modification proposal prepared by you –forwarded to our legal counselor for opinion- contains numerous interesting and useful solutions, and it contributes in a constructive manner to the discourse on the rights of national and ethnic minorities on the common European level (…)”

We beleive that this gesture is of an outstanding symbolic significance and reinforces our belief that the project has fully accomplished its goal of raising awareness on the importance of the topic and at the same time it acknowledged the viability of the methodology: the community college format.

/ACC Transylvania Committee (http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/539.asp)


Bridging Community Colleges, Sopron

From November 3rd to 9th the ACC arranged the Bridging Community Colleges (BCC) at the Németh László Akadémia/AWE Academy in Sopron, Hungary.

The aim of the seminar was to let organisers of Community College events and projects within the ACC meet to exchange ideas and experiences. The aim was fulfilled with great success and many new projects are on their way in Europe in the next years. Barna Kovacs (HU) was the main co-ordinator of the BCC attended by 15 participants from just as many countries.

So far there are as a minimum concrete descriptions for a Portugal Community College, a European Demos Community College in Greece, ideas for the website, for future ACCENT-issues and a second versions of the Europe of Rights Community College in Reggello and the Cornwall Community College. Further descriptions are on their way.

Alongside the BCC Jakob Erle from the International Academy for Education and Democracy (www.iaed.info) was in lead of the parallel seminar dealing with Visegrad-countries-networking. The parallel seminars benefited from each others by common programme-points inside and outside the schedule.

The website of the project is going to be updated within short time at http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/576.asp


Invitations received:

* Invitation for International youth exchange and youth seminars, Poland ( February - September 2004)
* International Youth Parliament 2004

Detailed information is to be found on the the website in the Members Section, Invitations received.

We would like once again to make you familiar with the World Youth Festival that is going to be held in the summer 2004 in Barcelona. For further information visit www.worldyouthfestival.org



November 3rd-9th: Bridging Community Colleges, Sopron, Hungary.
November 11th: John Petersen attending the AWE-DK board meeting.
November 13th: Bart Woord visiting the ACC Office


A warm welcome to our new members:

Szilvia Malik, Monor
Lulzim Hoti, Mitrovica


Our best regards
John Petersen and Hristina Raycheva

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