ACC Bulletin no. 49
16th of June 2003
ACC International Programme Office
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Participants selected for the TCC
News from the ERCC
General Assembly in Rite Augstskola
First European Community College
Invitations received
New members

Participants selected for the TCC

The Transylvania Committee received over 160 applications for the TCC! Participants have been selected from: Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden.
The process is going well and the Comittee is trying to get in touch with lecturers. We will keep you updated.
The Transylvania Community College received funding from the European Commission and the Soros Foundation.
More information is to be found at the website: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/139.asp

News from the ERCC

The ACC Italy Comittee has been working a lot last weeks. In Pisa they had three preparatory meetings for the Europe of Rights Community College: 31st May-1st June and 7th and 9th June. The detailed programme for the ERCC will be uploaded on the website very soon.
In mid-May 40 participants have been selected from Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Latvia, Spain, Kosovo, Finland, Estonia, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Denmark, The Netherlands.
The ERCC is supported by Regione Toscana and Comune di Reggello and it is financed by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, the Chiesa Evangelica Valdese and the Arcivescovato di Perugia.
More information is to be found at the website: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/134.asp

General Assembly in Rite Augstskola, Latvia

On Saturday May 31 the General Assembly of the Rite Augstskola took place.
We are supposed to be one out of three partners founding a new NGO, the Rites Augstskola. The three partners are: the Latvian local supporting group, the Danish-Swedish supporting group and the ACC.

A lot of preparatory work has been done in order to found the new NGO.
(a) Preconditions were, close down of the predecessor, which was a S.I.A. ('private enterprise with limited responsibility'). The process of closing this Rite SIA is ongoing and will succeed.
(b) The other precondition was that the people behind the three new partners could agree about co-founding the Rite as an NGO and especially together with a new partner, ACC. Unfortunately the local group and the Danish/Swedish group were not sufficiently informed about everything in beforehand. As far as we could see at the meeting Saturday, the local group was very positive about the cooperation with ACC, so that part of it is 'solved' and we can count on 'the locals' I guess. This was very much due to the presence of Sandra Salmina and Linda Jakobsone. Concerning the Danish-Swedish supporting group, there will have to be some more information meetings in order for them to approve the process, or give them a chance to come with inputs or protests.
(c) A new precondition popped up in the last second: in order to found the Rite NGO, the co-founding partners also need to be registered 'legal persons'. This is already ok concerning ACC and the Danish-Swedish supporting group. But, before founding finally, the local group will have to register as an NGO. That is also a reason why the founding of the new NGO cannot be finalised yet.

The concrete result at the meeting was then
(a) that the board of the Rite SIA was re-elected. They sort of 'deliver names' until the Rite SIA is closed down finally.
(b) the local group agreed on a meeting on June 20th where the local group should found themselves as an organisation.
(c) it was agreed that another meeting would have to take place in September in order to elect a board of the new Rite NGO.
(d) the three future partners delivered names for the 21-person board of representatives, so it is clear already now who are expected to meet in September and elect a board.

The ACC group in the board of representatives consist of: Siebren de Boer, Ieva Astahovska, Inese Ardone, Sandra Salmina, Dainis Lasmanis, Linda Jakobsone, John Petersen.
From the local group the following persons are expected to enter the board of representatives: Biruta Valaine (local mayor), Brigita, Austra, Irena, Santa (from the neighbouring municipality Aknieste), Janina and Janis.
From the Danish/Swedish group the following are expected to enter the board of representatives: Elsmari Furuwall (Litorina Folk High School, Sweden), Niels Henriksen (farmer in North Schleswig), Knud-Erik Therkelsen (Højskolen Østersøen), Marie Louise Ebert Lauritsen (also an ACC-member who took part in and who is also a member now of the DK/SE supporting group), Mads Ellebæk (teacher), Lis Nielsen (teacher) and Esben Kalhøj (also an ACC member, living in Latvia).

Thanks to the following ACC-members: Linda Jakobsone, Sandra Salmina and especially Dainis Lasmanis, who did a great job preparing statutes in Latvia. Thanks also to Naomi Woltring and Marie-Louise Ebert Lauritsen, who attended the General Assembly.
We made public also, that our expected candidates for the future board are Linda Jakobsone and Inese Ardone.


First European Community College

There has been a lot going on about the founding of the First European Community College! We are trying to link up some 'big names' (politicians, scientists etc) with the European Community College. We are busy getting in touch with them.
ACC boardmember Conchi Gallego arrived in Denmark on June the 11th and she will help in the office for the next two months on the FECC. She will try to find a place where we could find a school, work on a proposal for which courses could take place and try to find some sources for money.
More information about the First European Community College you find at the website: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/1381.asp

Invitations received

Last month we received again many invitations for courses and seminars from other organizations. Here you find the most recent ones:

- Various projects from Youth for Intergenerational Justice and Sustainability (YOIS)
- Summer Academy about the relationship between human rights, human development and human security, Graz, Austria. Deadline for application 01.07.2003
- Training course on history as a cause of conflicts in Europe, August 23 - 30 in Krakow, Poland. Deadline for application 16.06.2003
- Conference about Feminist Perspectives on Globalisation, September 11-14 in Graz, Austria
- Seminar on debate as tool for advocacy and education, September 3-8 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Deadline for application 01.07.2003
- Summer University Utopia, July 23 - August 2 in Novi Sad, F.R.Y. Vojvodina. Deadline for application 15.07.2003

Detailed information is to be found on the the website in the Members Section, Invitations received.


5/5: John Petersen and Jan-Christoph Napierski have a meeting with Bertel Haarder (Minister for integration) and Bernhard Braumann (German Embassy)
11-13/05: Midterm evaluation for Naomi in Copenhagen
15/05: John Petersen meets Poul Engberg at Askov (DK)
15/05: Monika Pilatowska in Strasbourg for the course "Intro to organising international youth activities"
21/05: John at the AWE-Denmark board meeting, København
22/05: John at the CIRIUS-conference, Evaluation of the Youth Programmes, Copenhagen
23/05: John at the FFD-General Assembly, Grundtvigs Højskole Frederiksborg, Hillerød (DK)
27/05: John meets the auditor Lene Albrechtsen
30/05-1/06: John Petersen, Marie-Louise Ebert Lauritsen and Naomi Woltring are at the Rite folkhighschool in Latvia
31/05: John, Marie-Louise and Naomi at the General Assembly from the Rite folkhighschool
31/05-1/06: ACC Italy Committee (Marzia Peter Eva) had a preparation-meeting in Pisa and Ponsacco for the Europe of Rights Community College
2/06: Peter and Eva visited Casa Cares, where they met the co-directors of the centre, Paul and Antoinette Krieg
06/06: John attends a presentation from Jacob Erle about future EUropean scenarios at Testrup Højskole in Århus
06/06: John has a meeting with Lone Jakobsen concearning the bumball follow-up in Olympia
11/06: John has a meeting with Ove Korsgaard in Odense to talk about the future European Community College
11/06: ACC boardmember Conchi Gallego arrives in Denmark

A warm welcome to our new members:

Burc Altinbas
Ole Keldorf
Henrik Loevschall
David Hopman
Sabina Dziadecka
Agnieszka Ziolkowska
Marianne Borgman

Naomi Woltring
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