ACC Bulletin no. 48
6th of May 2003
ACC International Programme Office

Bumball Course in Idrætshøjskole in Århus
Council of Europe supports the ERCC
European Commission supports the TCC
Annual ready to be sent
Sending the Journal of World Education
European Community College
Invitations received
New members

Bumball Course at Idrætshøjskole in Aarhus

From the 9th until the 11th of March John Petersen, Jan-Christoph Napierski and Naomi Woltring went to the Idrætshøjskole in Aarhus to give the students from the youth ngo leader program a course in how to found an organisation. They learned by working with a case: found a Bumball club in Aarhus.
Some days before this course started, the students learned how to play Bumball. This is a new game, developed by the Danish company 'Let's play'. For this game you need some special clothes and a special ball, which sticks on the clothes. There are some special rules: when the ball falls on the ground, you have to take up the ball again with your bottom, on which the ball sticks (that's where the name 'Bumball' comes from). The game is funny and very useful as an introduction and ice-breaking game, especially on international events.
The idea was that the students would found an Aarhus-Bumball club. Not necessarily a real one, they just learned how you could do it. They started with the preparatory work: making statutes. What is the objective of the organisation, who can take part in it, how should the board be composed, which amount of power has it, how is it chosen out of the general assembly? The students used the ACC statutes as an example to compose their own ones.
Also an introduction in the complicated world of youth fundraising was provided. John explained the students about the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the YFJ, the European Youth Foundation etc. They got to know the different structures at European level and where they could apply for financial support.
The course was quite a success. The students got an idea of how to start an organisation and when they want they can try now to organise an international exchange.

Council of Europe supports the ERCC

The Council of Europe decided to support the Europe of Rights Community College with a grant of 15.000 euros. The fundraising activities are still going on though. 40 young Europeans are going to attend this Community College exchange, concerning the importance of fundamental human rights for the implementation of intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding in our societies. The Council of Europe's European Convention on Human Rights and the European Union's European Charter of Fundamental Rights will offer a point of departure for the discussion.
More information about the ERCC is to be found at the ACC website: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/134.asp .

European Commission supports the TCC

The European Commission decided to support the Transylvania Community College 2003 with a grant of about 24350 euros. There are still fundraising activities going on.
The Transylvanian community college 2003 is going to deal with the future perspectives of the Central-Eastern-European minorities in the context of the EU-Enlargement. It is an aim of the Transylvania Community College to debate and draft an eventual paragraph on minority protection for the EU-Constitution. More information about the TCC can be found at the ACC website: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/139.asp .

Annual ready to be sent

Conchi Gallego wrote and edited the annual for 2002. It is being printed at the moment and soon it will be send to all members. If you want to receive it electronically, please send an email to the ACC Office and we will forward it to you.

Sending the Journal of World Education

Last weeks many people received the spring issue of the Journal of World Education made during the Schools for Europe Community College II. ACC members, AWE-members, Youth organizations, members of the education committee from the European parliament and some others found it on their doormat. The real work, though, is beginning now. There is still a huge pile of magazines left...

European Community College

Lately there has been quite a lot going on about the idea of founding a European Community College. Draft statutes for such a school have been made during the SECC II, a change in the statutes of the ACC will be debated on the next general assembly, the Act on European Community Colleges has been printed in the Journal of World Education which has been send to many politicians, organizations and institutions and some people within ACC are looking for possibilities to start a real school.
There is a new forum on the ACC website now in which the statutes of this European Community College will be debated. It is to be found it at: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/1394.asp. We would like to encourage you to give your comments and point out your ideas. ACC members will receive more information about this within a short time.

Invitations received
Last month we received again many invitations for courses and seminars from other organizations. Here you find the most recent ones:

- International Student Festival in Rome, Italy, July 16-25, deadline of application: 25.05.03
- Course on 'Corporate Social Responsibility' by the World Bank Institute
- International school on disarmament and research on conflicts, Trento, Italy, June 16-26, deadline of application: 05.05.2003
- Participation of young women in political life, Strasbourg, France, September 16-17, deadline of application: 15.05.03
- Conference on Academic and Student Exchange in Europe, Zagreb, Croatia, May 15-22
- Parliamentary Assembly, Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 24-27, deadline of application: 01.06.03
- Conference on Roma and Gadje. 'The challenge of being different', May 11-18, Brasov, Romania, application a.s.a.p.

More information is to be found at the ACC website in the Members section, Invitations received:
http://www.acc.eu.org/frontend/dynamic/page.asp?id=873 .


11/03: The Journals of World Education arrive in the Office.
13/03: John at the Rite folkhighschool Assembly in the Tønder
15/03: Linda and Niels present at a boardmeeting at the Rite folkhighschool; John and Lis visiting
17/03: ACC Latvia meeting with Inese, Sandra, Ieva, Niels, Anna and John
29/03: John at the board of representatives meeting at Snoghøj højskole
30/03 ACC Portugal meeting
01/04 Torben Grocholl, EVS-volunteer at Højskole Østersøen, arrives
02/04: John went to Copenhagen to IAED and had a meeting with Jakob Erle there to talk about a European Community College
04/04: Jan-Christoph presents EU-enlargement at Ask Højskole
07/04: John at a committee meeting at Snoghøj Højskole
13-21/04: John went to the Rite-folkhighschool in Latvia
17/04: Caucasus comittee meeting with Agota, Laszlo and Nana in Budapest
22/04: John Petersen went to a committee meeting at Snoghøj Højskole
26/4: John presenting the FECC at the Snoghøj Assembly of Representives
28/04 - 04/05: Hannes Sildnik went to the multilateral training course "Difference meets tolerance" in Bonn
29/4: ACC Latvia meeting about the future NGO Rites Tautas Augstskola
3-6/5: Jan-Christoph Napierski visiting the office
4/5: John gives a presentation of ACC to a groupe of Mitrovica inhabitants at Højskolen Østersøen
04-11/05: On arrival training for Torben at Brandbjerg Højskole

A warm welcome to our new members:

Emanuele Scappi
Riccardo Pisani
Tobias Haucke
Sven Ernstson
Emilia Seppälä
Karolina Karwicka

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