ACC Bulletin no. 47
March 18th 2003
ACC International Programme Office

Work plan, seminar and proposals for the GA
New offers at the website
CoE confirmed support to the ERCC
Contribution ACC to the new Youth-programme
Invitations received
New members

Work Plan, seminar and proposals for the GA

In December the ACC-board had a seminar about where the ACC is and what the future direction should be. The results were a Work Plan and some proposals for the General Assembly. As stated in the previous bulletin, the board has defined for the period 2003-2005 three main priorities: (1) to emphasize our lobby work, (2) to make real the First European Community College (FECC) and (3) to establish an office with a permanent (part/full time) staff member. In the Work Plan these priorities and the ways to reach them are described more in depth. You can find the Work Plan on the website in the Members Section.
Please remember to send proposals for the General Assembly to the office (naomi@acc.eu.org) yourself. You can also put them on the forum in the Members section on the website (in case it is an issue for debate). The Members section/forum is also the place to find some proposals from the board for the General Assembly.


From 9 until 16 February the Schools for Europe Community College II took place at Højskolen Østersøen in Aabenraa, Denmark. 30 young people from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Latvia, Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria and Portugal produced together volume 33, no. 1 from the Journal of World Education. The participants were split up in 4 groups. One group was working on the statutes of a future European Community College, another group edited the articles from participants of Youth2002, the third group was working on the public relations and the fourth group made a chapter about the future of European Community Colleges. Ieva Astahovska was the chief editor of the magazine, Allan Siao Ming Witherick did the technical editing.
The result looks good and we had a great week, so once again, the SECC II a great succes.

New offers at the website

As you might have noticed there is a new section at the website, namely the section Publications. Here you can order magazines and folders in *pdf-file, a video and a CD made by the ACC and its partners. The items to order are:
- Das Haus-La Maison-The House, Edition 26. Editors: 30 young Europeans.
- Campaigning for Community Colleges. Annual 2000 of the ACC. ISBN 87-91372-00-3
- Transylvania Community College 2001. Journal of World Education, vol.31, no.3. Editors: Ágota Illyès, Barna Kovács and the ACC.
- Transylvania Community College 2001. Ideas and impressions. Video.
- Europeans Shape Your Future, Transylvania Community College 2001. CD-Rom.
- Schools for Europe. Annual 2001 of the ACC. ISBN 87-91372-01-1
- A Vision Comes to Life. Youth 2002 Brochure.

EYF/CoE confirmed support to the Europe of Rights Community College

"Dear all, I am pleased to inform you that the ERCC-project has been granted 15.000 € by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. This is indeed a good news! We are still working on fundraising, though, and we will keep you updated." Eva
The programme of the ERCC has been uploaded to the website.

Contribution ACC to the new Youth-programme

The European Commission kept a public consultation about the EU education programmes (including the Youth programme). ACC wrote a propsal for implementing a new action (Action 6) in the Youth programme. This should be the action supporting Community College Courses. The proposal is to be found at the ACC-website in the section Lobby&Media: http://www.acc.eu.org/uploads/Consultation_on_2007-generation_programmes1.doc .

Invitations received

We received many invitations for courses and events of several organisations last weeks. You can find all of them at the website in the Members section, Invitations received. Here you find the most recent ones.
- Summer Academy 2003 Italy: module one for the Master in European integration and regionalism about the enlarged EU and its regions. Deadline of application 31.05.03
- Training in the civilian components of peacekeeping missions, humanitarian operations and election monitoring missions. 1-18 July 2003, Pisa, Italy. Deadline of application: 8 April 2003.
- The Humanitarian Update: New Skills and Methodologies for Aid Workers. Training on (the development of) personal skills and general methodology for people involved in humanitarian-relief and peace operations, Pisa, 30 June-11 July. Deadline of application: 10 April 2003.
- Training on intercultural learning and human rights education in the Mediterranean area. Budapest, 20-28 May 2003. Deadline of application: 15 March 2003.
- East-West Dialogue 2003 is a course which tries to enhance personal and intercultural understanding among 65 participating young Europeans representing Central, East, and West Europe. 20 July-9 August, Højskole Østersøen, Aabenraa, Denmark. Deadlines of application: Eastern- and Central-Europe: 14 March 2003. Western Europe: 16 April 2003.
- Youth2003: Local/regional Dialogue for Democracy in Europe, 29 June-12 July, Højskole Østersøen, Aabenraa, Denmark. Deadlines of application: Eastern- and Central-Europe: 14 March 2003. Western Europe: 16 April 2003.
- The Balkan Youth Festival invites young artists to participate in the music, fine arts and video competition on 15-19 July 2003, Litochoro Pierias, Greece. Deadline of application: 30 April 2003.
- South Black Sea Youth Conference 2003: Corporate Social Responsibility for creating safe and stable future. 9 - 11 May 2003, Sofia, Bulgaria. Deadline of application: 24 March 2003.
- International Student Festival in Rome, Italy, 16-25 July 2003. Deadline of application: 25 May 2003.
- Training on working in an international team (16-22 June 2003, Bonn, Germany). Deadline of application: 22 April 2003


3/2 Conchi Gallego and John Petersen, preparation meeting for SECC II in Brussels
3/2 Conchi Gallego and John Petersen meeting Hans-Joachim Schild in the Youth-unit of the DG Education and Culture.
7/2 John Petersen and Lene Petersen meeting concerning DTP/Journal work
9-16/2 SECC II
11/2: Informal board meeting, including Jesper as Youth200X work representative, Aabenraa
14/2 ACC Italy Committee (Marzia, Silvia, Eva minus Peter) is having a meeting
14/2: Informal board meeting, Aabenraa.
16-25/2: Naomi at Højskole Brandbjerg, Jelling, for her 'on arrival'-training
23/2: John Petersen and Lene Petersen working on the Annual, Aarhus
24/2: John Petersen meeting Ole Keldorf at the Aarhus Sports Folk High School
06/03: John Petersen meets the Nævnet, Board for EU Enlightenment, in Copenhagen to talk about the subsidizing of ACC-projects
09/03 Jan-Christoph Napierski presents the ACC for ngo-youth leaders at Idraetshøjskolen in Aarhus
09-11/03: John Petersen gives a course in founding an association for ngo-youth leaders at Idraetshøjskolen in Aarhus

A warm welcome to our new members:

Silvia Piccini
Bart Woord
Lucie Ciskova
Alvaro Martinez Barrio
Ana Rita Cruz
Nancy Lagouretou
Anca Anton
Rosa Silva
Nuno Carvalho
Hristina Panayotova Raycheva
Elena Georgieva Georgieva
Raimonds Upelnieks
Thore Fogh Johansen


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ACC International Programme Office
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