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January 29th 2003
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Enlargement Tour
Future activities / opening for applications
IAED documents uploaded / Youth2002
Italian Youth Convention on the Future of Europe
Naomi Woltring new volunteer
SECC II begins
ACC workplan
Invitations received
Welcome to New Members


Enlargement Tour:

Just ten days before the Copenhagen Summit of the EU in December 2002, initiators, organizers and volunteers of the Youth2002 project were once again invited in the days November 26th to December 2nd in order to present their experiences with the debates about the enlargement of the EU within their respective home-countries and "home-languages". The arrangements were open for a public audience but targetet also at the current students at the schools. http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/567.asp

The ACC organized the Enlargement Tour in order to debate with and inform about the ways the EU-Enlargement process is dealt with and debated in Europe as a whole. The tour lasted for 7-8 days and went to the folk high schools (residential schools) Ask Højskole, Askov Højskole, Højskolen Østersøen and Rønshoved Højskole.

The presenters told in particular about the enlargement debate process in Europe. They were:
Conchi Gallego (Madrid), language: Spanish
Dasa Bolcina (Trieste), language: Italian, Slovene
Eva Valvo (Pisa), language: Italian
Hanna Wennerström (Uppsala), language: Swedish
Hannes Sildnik (Johve), language: Estonian
Helena Soares Silva (Espinho), language: Portuguese
Jan-Christoph Napierski (Krakow), language: Polish, German, Danish
Laszlo Dani (Budapest), language: Romanian, Hungarian
Mjellma Mehmeti (Skopje), language: southern Slavic, Albanian, Turkish
Thank you to the presenters, who did this "con amore".

Both presentations and the subsequent debates, in which the mainly Danish audience had the chance to debate face-to-face with presenters of other countries, proved to be a very big success measured on the quality of the debates.

We believe to have reached the aim of the project: contribute to establishing a common European debate about questions and political issues shared by the Europeans. There is no doubt, that we have created an interest among the students and the audience in general to further investigate the "European histories" which in the end is the background to the whole European integration process.

The Enlargement Tour was sponsored by "Nævnet vedrørende EU-oplysning".


Future activities:

- August 2003 Europe of Rights Community College
From the 2nd until 11th of August 2003 the Europe of Rights Community College will take place at the retreat and group meeting centre Casa Cares in Reggello (Florence). 40 young Europeans are going to attend this Community College exchange, concerning the importance of fundamental human rights for the implementation of intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding in our societies. Opened for applications.

- August 2003 Transylvania Community College 2003
The ACC is going to carry out a two-week community college for 50 young Europeans, engaged in NGO's relevant for the topics of the event. The Transylvanian community college 2003 is going to deal with the future perspectives of the Central-Eastern-European minorities in the context of the EU-Enlargement. It is an aim of the Transylvania Community College to debate and draft an eventual paragraph on minority protection for the EU-constitution. http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/139.asp

- September 2003 Bridging Community Colleges
The Bridging Community Colleges is expected to be a rather internal one, as it is going to be used as a 'summit' for the organizers of Community Colleges exchanges and events. There will be talked about the need for promoting non-formal education in a common Europe, since the conclusions drawn from a lot of previous projects all point in that direction. All the educational materials of the projects will be gathered and unified and there will be tried to draw conclusions about possible ways of developing further projects in common.


IAED documents uploaded:

Jakob Erle and Sylvia Oreifig Madsen from the IAED (International Academy for Education and Democracy) wrote a synopsis about the European Constitution made by the Youth2002 participants. Erle and Madsen compared the different constitution-proposals from the different schools to each other and to the final constitution. The synopsis will be published in the Journal of World Educaiton (AWE-magazine) edited during the Schools for Europe Community College II in february, and it has been uploaded to the ACC website. Find it here: http://www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/137.asp


Italian Youth Convention on the Future of Europe

From 10 until 12 January Eva Valvo and Peter Ciaccio (Pisa) took part in the Italian Youth Convention on the Future of Europe, Eva as a delegate of FGEI (Federazione Giovanile Evangelica Italiana) and ACC, Peter as observer from WSCF Europe. The Convention consisted of 207 members representing various Italian youth associations involved or concerned with European issues. Both Eva and Peter were not really enthousiastic about the convention. The participants were not allowed to ask questions during the speeches of some politicians. Peter: "IYC was a sort of 'government show' and young people were not in the spotlight." There were many more male than female delegates. Most delegates were close to the governmental parties. "They had a terrible behaviour during meetings. Their attitude towards other points of view was violent and rude. When the chairperson decided something they did not like, some of them would shout 'Fascist!' 'Communist!' 'You throw democracy in the toilet and flush the water!' plus various politically incorrect expressions, which are not worth to be quoted."
"Even if we did not like a lot of things within IYC, it was surely an interesting experience. We also met few splendid people. We went back home from IYC with a new hope: there are competent and committed people that work together for a better Europe. And FGEI (together with ACC and WSCF) have been welcomed among them."
Eva and Peter came in touch with an Italian politician from the opposition, Valdo Spini. Eva is still emailing with him. He will help with the Europe of Rights Community College. Probably he will also give a speech during the ERCC.


New volunteer in office:

Naomi Woltring (Netherlands) is the new European volunteer in the ACC office. She will work for ACC until the beginning of July. You can contact Naomi at naomi@acc.eu.org.



The Schools for Europe Community College II is taking place from February 9th to 16th 2003. About 30 former Youth2002-participants and ACC-members from Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Slovakia and Latvia will gather at Højskolen Østersøen in Aabenraa, Denmark. Together they will produce the next Journal of World Education with the working title "Schools for Europe II" . The AWE-magazine will mainly deal with the Youth2002 project and the work done within the ACC in recent years. It will also contain a chapter 'Works on the future'. This chapter will deal with the idea of opening a First European Community College.

The latest information about the event you can find on the website: www.acc.eu.org/SEEEMS/133.asp


ACC Work plan

At a recent meeting, the board of the ACC has defined for the period 2003-2005 three main priorities: (1) to emphasize our lobby work, (2) to make real the First European Community College (FECC) and to establish an office with a permanent (part/full time) staff member

More info about this Work Plan in the next ACC Bulletin. The work plan can be found in "The Multiplier" in the members section of the website.


Invitations received:

We received several invitations for training-courses from the Council of Europe last weeks. You can find all of them on the website in the Members Section, 'Invitations received'. Here you find the most recent ones:
3-14 June 2003: Training Course on Management of Non-gouvernmental Youth Organisations in Budapest. Deadline for applications: 1 April 2003.
Several dates in 2003: Language courses in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish. Deadline for applications: 31 March 2003.


7-9 November 2002: Conchi Gallego and Mjellma Mehmeti were in Thessaloniki (Greece) during the 6th Conference of European Ministers responsible for Youth. Conchi was there as a delegate from Spain, appointed by the Spanish government, Mjellma was there because of her engagement in the advisory board on Youth matters from the Council of Europe.
6-12 December 2002: Maja Mezgec was at the Session on Global Youth Work in Strasbourg (European Youth Center).
Winter 2002: An article by Vinko Zidaric was published in Skolske Novine, Croatia
December 2002: Lots of articles about Mjellma appeared in the Macedonian media about her Young European of the Year-award. The articles were in for example 'Meditime', 'CTNP', 'Fakti - VITI I RI', 'Ytpuhcvn Bechuk'.
4 January: Naomi Woltring arrived, new EVS-volunteer in the ACC International Programme Office.
10-12 January: Eva Valvo and Peter Ciaccio (Pisa) took part in the Italian Youth Convention on the Future of Europe, Eva as a delegate of FGEI (Federazione Giovanile Evangelica Italiana), Peter as an external expert.
12 January 2003: A huge article from Maja Mezgec about ACC and the Youth2002 has been printed into the newspaper 'Nedeljske Teme'. The title is (translated): 'Youth view on the future of Europe'. ACC is mentioned quite often, and printed largely in a collumn with the website-adresses of the other associations working on Youth2002.
16 January: The auditor visits the ACC office to check the accounts.
17 January: an interview with Eva and Peter about the Italian Youth Convention was broadcasted on the radio: Rai 1, 23.30. Eva mentioned a 'common European debate' as her vision for Europe.
17-19 January: Ieva Astahovska visits the ACC-office to plan the programme for the SECC II.
20 January: John visits a Cirius-meeting in Copenhagen.
22 January: Ole Keldorf visits the ACC office to talk about a cooperation of ACC and his folkhighschool in Aarhus.
9-16 February: Schools for Europe Community College II taking place at Højskolen Østersøen, Aabenraa.
13 February : ACC-chat for members and others interested at 19.00. See www.acc.eu.org/secc
August 2nd-11th: Europe of Rights Community College, Reggello (Florence), Italy
August: Transylvania Community College
September 2003: Bridging Community Colleges


A warm welcome to our new members:

Birgit Staack
Cecilia Dias
Maciej Poletylo
Lone Jakobsen
Laetitia Monfort


Naomi Woltring, volunteer
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